I broke up with my predecessor for more than half a year, and I even became pregnant …

I broke up with my predecessor for more than half a year, and I was pregnant

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AI’s suncaled Chinese cabbage: another male scum and female silly series

Katherine1127-: You are confusing this language. I broke up with the former for more than half a year. Pao is about a few weeks in the first few weeks, so do you follow up with the previous appointment or appointment with other people.Speak clearly, influence the answer ~

Zaugaaigaai: Are you an appointment or a ground?

D_desperado_o: Do you think you didn’t see your predecessor?People just see that they don’t want to return and don’t want to be responsible. Why are you waiting for him?Waiting for him to burn paper money?Hurry up to play TAI!The sooner the time hurts the body, the smaller the body. When the stomach is waiting, he will not care about you. When playing TAI, find a reliable friend to accompany you, otherwise you will just enter the operating room in frontEveryone in your circle will know that you play tai

Wang Xue Olive: A child has been destroyed before. This time, TT is not responsible for taking medicine. You are not responsible for yourself. Who do you expect to be responsible for you?IntersectionIntersectionIt seems that the memories of the last time TAI were not painful enough?Intersection

Ting You-Loquat Tree: Do you have to ask if you should accept the boy who chases you now.EssenceEssence

Lin Shen looked for elk: First, he had already played a child. Can’t you save snacks? Is it difficult to avoid Yun measures?Second, they have been breaking up with their predecessors for half a year, and you have to YP with him. Can you love yourself?Third, you do n’t hurry up your child to spit out.(Finally, let go of the boy who chases you)

Brother Eighteen years old: Even if the first reflection of the woman’s pregnancy is not a fetal, but the man will be born when he is born.Wake up the TV series less.What a sad nightmare, don’t play with yourself, the embryo for a few months is how much feelings can be expected to be pregnant.I feel that the tire is cruel and take good measures.Now when you reach the eyes of the bones, you can choose both. He will come back cruelly for your child and suffer a lifetime for yourself.Take your own measuring

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Don’t call my dad: a good predecessor should be like dead

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