I became pregnant after the drunk was chaotic, but now I don’t know who the child is from

I was born in a small mountain village. I was able to go to college. In order to help reduce the economic burden at home as soon as possible, I did not go to high school. Instead, I chose a vocational technical secondary school and learned cooking and catering.I have been out of time since I was a child. Shili Ba Village knows that I am not only handsome, but also slim.There are 168 people, the goose egg -shaped face, the skin is more delicate. It may be very early in rural areas, and the figure is much better than my peers. According to the sister of the same village, I can eat by my face in the future.My family didn’t think so. Although they couldn’t afford me to study, they still knew that reading was very useful. They did not let me look like those who were the same age, either to find a good family to marry or go to the south into the factory into the assembly line.My dad said that let me learn the craftsmanship and eat by skills, so that I will be practical in the future.

After entering the school, I studied cooking and catering. Even when I was in a technical secondary school, I also studied my skills. Before I graduated, the school recommended that I went to a star hotel in Shenzhen.In fact, when I arrived at home, I stepped on the threshold. My parents resolutely stated that I would let me go out to see the outside world, let me fall in love freely, and I will not get married later!Looking back now, if it wasn’t for my parents’ persistence, how can I graduate smoothly?Where can I break my career by myself?During his work in Shenzhen, I met him, now my husband, from knowing each other, to knowing each other, and finally after a long -distance running, we walked into the palace of marriage.The previous year, we held a wedding and returned to our hometown. We opened a restaurant in the bustling area in the city.There is a career in his career.But I don’t know what’s going on, I can’t be pregnant.

The hospital’s medical examination did not do less, and the results were almost the same, the reason was on me.This makes me extremely distressed. I feel mood every day, and I have no energy to work. I think that as a woman, if I can’t give birth to a child, what kind of woman is!My husband did not dislike me because of my infertility, but still loves me as before. In the eyes of outsiders, we seem to be the first love. This is probably respecting each other.When we are not very busy, we seek medical treatment everywhere. Large hospitals such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places have not been there, but we always do it and do n’t see rain.When I was in despair, unexpected things happened.After returning to my hometown to open a restaurant, because I always couldn’t conceive my children, I added a healthy body in order to eliminate the depression in my heart, and to prepare for the child to prepare for the child.In this class, I met some friends, and everyone came for health and fitness.

One of the units of the Zhang Bureau is also within. In the past, as the institution of managing our institutions, we would have some business exchanges.Unexpectedly, he was also in it. He was more than 40 years old, because he was young because he was exercising all year round.Over or two, under the guidance of the coach, all of us are slowly familiar, but I rarely talk to him.Later, he took his friend to our restaurant, and I also entertaining them very warmly. I also paid a good relationship with them. I wanted to have a good relationship with them. After meals, he invited me to walk around the lake next to him.Breathing the air was scattered, and it was very refreshing to walk by the lake at night. It was more speculative to chat with him. Intellectuals were more conservation.

But when he didn’t expect to go deep, he suddenly hugged me and said that he liked me. I struggled hard but dared not yell. He grew stronger than my husband.Drive him, I was wearing a short skirt that day, and I didn’t wear stockings. His hand immediately touched my thigh, and stuffed it into the bottom of the skirt and rubbed me.The reaction, but the reason tells me to resolutely resist, and he pressed me under the grass that no one was later, and what should not happen happened. Afterwards, he was awake and went to the lake. I wanted to cry without tears.I don’t know how to go home.

He wanted to compensate me. When I contacted me, I no longer responded, and silently hoped that nothing happened.He had never seen it.That month’s holiday did not come on time, I secretly bought the test strip to test the pregnancy. At that time, I was almost crying; when I woke up, I was tantamount to the thunderbolt: according to the rehabilitation time, I couldn’t determine it at all, this child in the endWhose!I was definitely happy to change to the past, but now I am really worried that I want a child, but that’s just my husband.I wanted to kill the child for the first time, but I was too pregnant. What if my husband’s child should do?

During that time, in the days of ovulation, my husband and I also had the same room.In the face of my in -laws, I was very guilty in my heart.In addition, in addition to the frightening pregnancy, this pregnancy broke me even more: in case of him, I will fall into the abyss; if it is her husband, it will spend the moon.One day, I took advantage of my in -laws’ house to be busy. I took a taxi to take a taxi and went to my mother’s house. I took a taxi to the hospital and asked the doctor to consult this matter privately.According to doctors, the number of husbands and wives in the same room has a lot of life. Theoretically, the probability of pregnancy is high, but it is not absolute. After all, if you conceive, it will be enough.

After listening to this, I got cold back, began to find the information crazy, and knocked on the side to the acquaintance.I decided to hold the fetus with a lucky heart, after all, in case the child is her husband.However, I was still full of panic, after all, my stomach became bigger day by day.At this time, I want to go to parent -child identification, but watching the information on the Internet makes me feel shocked. It turned out to be a parent -child identification, and the side effects were so large. I need to pierce the belly and wear it. It is easy to cause miscarriage.Development will also have a great impact.Watching Baoma posted that she was a parent -child identification, and finally hurt the baby. After the baby was born, he was traumatized and took care of it for a long time.

Who knows how much savings and energy have been spent in the past years for infertility.This time it was easy to conceive. If it was a husband, the baby had a problem, and I would blame myself for a lifetime.Fortunately, Kung Fu is worthy of careless people, and there is no way to heaven!Irrigation in the group of Baoma every day, there are Bao moms to help me plan -say that in addition to the ordinary amniotic fluid puncture surgery, Shanghai Meiji parent -child identification, their non -invasive parent -child identification only needs to adopt the intravenous blood of the appraiser.Full of innovation, no need to puncture the stomach to hurt the baby.

Later, it was not too late. I immediately search for Miji parent -child appraisal, but found that a bunch of appraisal websites called Meiji on the Internet immediately thought of the Putian Department Hospital.They found their official website.Meiji online customer service reminds me of goodwill: life is precious, so you must easily hurt your baby. I do n’t know if you do n’t know before the result!And said that their appraisal will keep the whole process of the whole process, and help me out of the results as soon as possible. The required identification sample can be mailing throughout the process. I don’t need to go to Shanghai in person to run. The whole process only needs to communicate online.Later, according to the doctor’s guidance process, I mail the sample to the past, and the results soon came out!

When I knew the results of the identification, tears came out: the child was her husband!Although there were all kinds of hateful and helpless things in the process of Baby Huaibao, but the clouds were open to the moon, the development of science and technology, and the advancement of medical care, after all, I fulfilled my child’s dream.After experiencing this incident, it feels more and more people in the world, with tens of millions of suffering, but do not hurt your baby casually, hurt your body, hurt your loved ones, be responsible for yourself, and be responsible for each other!Thanks to the progress of technology and gratitude for God, I will live well with my husband forever, forget the past, and face a new life every day!

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