I am pregnant, I want to know whether it is a boy or a girl. Use these two methods to easily judge by myself

I am the mother of two babies. I will bring you professional pregnancy and parenting knowledge with my actual experience.

Everyone is very curious about whether a baby or a female baby is during pregnancy. From my experience, most of the methods of spreading folk circulation are not accurate, and medical methods are the most reliable.

It is difficult to know whether it is a boy or a girl in the early pregnancy. If you do a B -ultrasound, you can see that it is a boy from about 2 months, but the doctor will not tell you.Suddenly I thought of two special methods. In the middle and late pregnancy, you can guess whether it is a boy or a girl.

At 26 weeks, you can do the B -ultrasound. At this time, you can judge gender, but the doctor will not tell you, and you are embarrassed to ask directly, but you can guess whether it is a boy or a girl from the doctor’s words.

When she met a specially talked doctor, she has been chatting with the assistant to talk about the son who is about to get married, saying that she is a disgusting Lord, and a boy is suspicious.

Where does the doctor put the probe, where my baby is moving, making it difficult for her to measure the data. She said, "Why do you love your baby so much?" I asked her, "Why does it always love to move?", The doctorBreaking out "You are really a disgusting Lord." I realized that it was a boy.

The doctor still said, "Look at this baby’s big hands!" From this big hand, you can guess it is a boy.

Later, although I often reversed my thoughts through other means, this guess was still fulfilled and was a boy.

It is said that girls and moms face their faces and can’t see it. Maybe this is the source of the girl intimate.The boy’s back facing his mother and could see his face.I don’t know if there is a scientific basis for this statement. Anyway, my two babies have been fulfilled.

When I do a B -ultrasound in the middle and late stages, I can see my baby’s face every time, a round head, big eyes, big nose, and big mouth. This is the case.

The above is my little experience. What other ways do you have to judge men and women?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area.

I am the mother of two boys. I am committed to sharing what I do in the process of life and parenting. Welcome to pay attention to me and get more parenting information.

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