I am pregnant again?The online exposure has not appeared publicly for nine months.

Recently, some netizens broke the news that the Big S has not appeared publicly for nearly 9 months, which caused a lot of speculation of many people eating melon.

It is reported that the last appearance of Da S was in September last year. At that time, she took a group of advertisements with Ge Junye.Since then, she has completely disappeared in the public vision.

Netizens who often eat melon should still remember that Wang Xiaofei said some time ago that Da S could not get out.On the show of Xiao S, Gu Junyu also said that Big S’s body was very weak. He couldn’t go too much. He had to feed him with a bite.

Some people have speculated that they do not show up for 9 months. It is likely that the big S is pregnant again and needs to stay in bed to protect the tire. Maybe now it is public opinion marketing and test the public’s response.

After all, not long ago, the Big S team suddenly had a long time after many years, showing the medical records of the hospital, indicating that during the marriage of Da S and Wang Xiaofei, he had missed two abortion for Wang Xiaofei.

The first miscarriage was before the Great S and Wang Xiaofei held Sanya wedding in 2011. Because of the discovery of "dying in the abdomen", the "termination of pregnancy" was performed.On the fourth day after the operation, Big S dragged his weak body to Sanya to attend his wedding.

The second miscarriage was in 2018. At that time, Da S underwent abortion surgery because of "the abdominal embryo atrophy". After 7 days, he flew to Beijing and Wang Xiaofei to record the variety show "Happiness Trinity".

In the show, the two people eat, drink and sleep, so that Later, Da S showed off on another show, saying that Wang Xiaofei was too easy to call this kind of work after recording the show. If there is a second season, you must pick up.

It is reported that the two people recorded a season at the time were NT $ 84 million (about 20 million yuan), and it was the actual pay for the after -tax deduction.

However, this is all outsiders. Today, Big S and Wang Xiaofei have already become the enemy of each other. In November last year, Wang Xiaofei publicly accused Da S and Gu Junye as early as 2018.

Just a few days ago, the vast number of netizens in the magical powers also picked up, and the big S’s INS trumpet was in touch with Ge Junye before divorce.

At that time, this trumpet had a selfie of the big S, and the text stated that it was himself. Xiao S also commented: "Sister is really beautiful" ↓

The date of Da S and Wang Xiaofei issued a divorce statement was November 22, 2021, and Big S had interacted with Gu Junyu on INS in July 2021.

On July 22, 2021, Ge Junzheng took a selfie, and Da S directly commented on a love ↓

In early August, Da S exaggerated Jun Ye very COOL, and he also loved.

After a few days, Da S left a message and left a message again. ↓

After just two days, on August 8, 2021, under the selfie of Ge Junzheng, Da S sent three love confession again ↓

Such frequent interactions and ambiguous expressions are difficult to not doubt that the two people are not disclosed at all. They have not been in contact for more than 20 years.The TV series dare not perform so.

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