I always want to eat sweets, the body may be addicted to sugar, teach you the method of quit sugar to get rid of the restraint

According to relevant research data, the average consumption of residents in my country reaches 11.5 kg each year. Some people may ask. I usually do n’t eat sugar. This data is definitely not allowed. This is because most of the sugar is used in the food industry. , Beverage industry, food industry, etc.The candy, pastry, cans, juice and juice drinks that you usually eat are added with a lot of sugar.

This shows that everyone consumes a large amount of sweet sweets. Why do everyone like to eat sweets?This is because sugar is addictive, that is, addiction like "drugs".This is why some people are uncomfortable without eating sweets for too long, and eating some sweets will feel happy.

However, long -term sugar intake of sugar is also very harmful to health. In addition to being addictive for long -term sugar, it will also cause weight gain. Severe may occur in chronic harm to health, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, etc.The problem.In addition, related studies have found that high -sugar and high carbohydrate diet can also cause the body to prone to bacterial infection inflammation.

Senior sweet sweets may remind you that don’t quit sugar easily, otherwise there will be a sugar ring syndrome.However, nutritionists and scientists find that when physical habits ingest a lot of sugar, they will appear symptoms of abstinence like detoxification when they lack sugar.Symptoms of sugar abstinence are actually painful and will make the body very weak.

Therefore, only by understanding the symptoms of sugar ringing and preparing for them can help you scientifically control the intake of sugar and reduce the harm of sugar to the body.Next I will introduce how to quit sugar from the following aspects.

Step 1: Gradually reduce sugar intake

When the sugar addicts quit sugar addiction, the most common mistake is that they suddenly stop eating sugar at all.This method usually can only persist for a few days, and finally end with failure.The body is accustomed to eating sugar every day, and it is impossible to adapt to it immediately without sugar.Moreover, sugar is the main source of energy.You should start with a simple way to minimize the amount of daily sugar. For example, the sugar added to the coffee is reduced by half, and eating less when eating chocolate.You can also dilute the sweet drink.For example, add half of pure water dilution to some sugary drinks.Mix healthy food and sweets.For example, use banana or apple slices to dip chocolate.

Summary: Suddenly not eating sugar at all may cause very serious abstinence symptoms.The symptoms of abstinence include more serious situations such as extreme eager to eat sweets, or nausea, headache, etc.Gradually reduced sugar intake within a few weeks, which can greatly reduce the severity of the symptoms of abstinence.

Step 2: Decele the body with a sweetener

Even if you have gradually reduced the sugar you ingestion, if your body still wants to eat some sweet things, you may use sugar to replace real sugar, which can not only meet the brain’s needs for sweetness, but also reduce the damage of real sugar to the body.

Many sugar generations have no calories and can be used to cope with the symptoms of the ring, and it will not destroy your sugar -free diet.Choose natural sugar such as sweet chrysanthemum, xylitol, etc. Do not eat artificial sugar.

Summary: Some studies have shown that the use of artificial sweeteners may cause you to desensitize vegetables, fruits, etc., which are originally sweet, and it is easy to eat more and more, resulting in weight gain.Experts suggest that artificial sweeteners can only abstain from sugar in the short term and cannot be used for a long time.

Third: Eating fruits to satisfy your "appetite"

Fruit contains natural sugar, as well as a large amount of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.Fruits are more cost -effective than block sugar. You can eat more with confidence, but less ingested sugar.For example, about 250 grams of fresh strawberries only have 15 grams of sugar, which is not as high as half a cup of cola.

Tip: To eat fresh fruits, instead of dried or canned fruits containing sugar.

Fourth: through exercise to help get rid of the restraint of sugar addiction

Studies have found that when the human body is doing a lot of exercise, it will secrete some endorphin. This substance will help you relieve the pain caused by joint friction during exercise, while helping regulate the emotional changes caused by the symptoms of sugar ringing.

Summary: If you have a headache or nausea due to abstain from sugar, regular exercise can also promote oxidation, help increase energy and eliminate symptoms.

Fifth: Drink a lot of water to eliminate the feeling of hunger.

Sometimes the body just wants water, but people mistakenly think it wants to eat sweets.Therefore, you may stop your desire for sugar.In fact, it is difficult for people who are addicted to sugar addiction to distinguish whether the body wants to eat sugar or thirsty.Whenever you suddenly want to eat sugar, you may wish to drink a glass of water to suppress your desire for sugar.

Tip: Experts recommend drinking 2000 to 3000 liters per day.

Sixth: block the channels for easily acquiring sweets.

Once you quit sugar completely, remove all the sweets in the room.At this time, the more difficult you can contact the sweets, it will not be so easy to repeat.If sweets are available at hand, you will easily succumb to the temptation of sweets.

Tip: Only if you do n’t have a little sweetness at home, you will find a healthier method to overcome the desire for sugar.It is recommended to communicate with your family to reduce the reserves of sweets when purchasing snacks, and create a sugar -free living environment.

Seventh: Do a good job of abstain from sugar

Detailed record your daily diet, hunger and desire for sugar, sleep habits, weight, and physical strength, which can increase the chance of successful sugar abstinence.In addition to giving you motivation, such a diary also clearly sees the impact of sugar on life and overall health.

Tip: Write the benefits of the sugar -free diet to you in detail.Put attention to the positive impact of sugar intake on life so that you can see it more clearly.

If you also have the experience of quit sugar, welcome to share with you in the comment area, the benefits of abstaining sugar to your health, helping more people get rid of the restraint of sugar addiction and return to normal healthy dietary structure.Thank you for your reading. Welcome to forward the article to friends who need it around you. Friends who like the article remember to pay attention to praise.

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