Husband derailment caused Primary Three to become pregnant, and his wife raised the child of Xiao San who grew up@…

Her husband’s derailment caused Primary Three to become pregnant, and his wife raised the child of Xiao San to grow up.

It turned out that the big smoke gun talked about a boyfriend when he became a soldier. The two were already when they were talking about marriage and marriage. They were called to perform the task, and they could not come back again.At this time, the pregnant big smoke cannon can only return to my hometown.At that time, women’s unmarried children were going to be pierced by the backbone. She couldn’t let the child look down on.At that time, because of the poor family composition, Wu Huide became the object of exclusion in the village, so the big smoke gun married him.And this marriage that needs to be used is destined to have nothing to do with love.

But since the day of the big smoke artillery, she has never thought about being separated from the day she married Wu Huide.Even if Wu Huide betrayed her now, she didn’t want to let go.Is it what I tasted the woman in her, right?In order to break Wu Huide’s thoughts, the big smoke cannon then locked him at home.But she locked Wu Huide, but she couldn’t hold it.

While the big smoke cannon was not at home, the son of a thousand and eight teasing the big smoke cannon helped her open the door.When the big smoke gun came home, Wu Huide had no trace at home.The big smoke cannon was looking at the mountains, and it was not until the night fell before they found the two in the haystack.Those blushing and heartbeat sounds turned into a knife, pushing hard in the heart of the big smoke artillery.She is like a walking dead.He walked up and pulled Wu Huide to go home.But before two steps, I rushed out. Please make you all.

The big smoke cannon didn’t speak. She didn’t want to tell this dirty woman in a word, but she continued to pull Wu Huide and walked back, but Wu Huide didn’t even dare to say a word.

After this incident, the big smoke cannon will bring Wu Huide with wherever you go.She always thought that after a long time, Wu Huide would change his mind.And this day the team is going to conduct grenade training. This training is more dangerous, so the big smoke cannon did not bring Wu Huide.But Wu Huide, who was okay, followed.I happened to see 1,88 grenades, but I accidentally threw the grenade under my feet.When Wu Huide saw this flew over, he protected one thousand and eight under his body.Survived one thousand, but Wu Huide died.

Although the big smoke cannon did not marry Wu Huide because of love, her lives have been together for many years, which also makes her feel feelings for Wu Huide.Now that Wu Huide is gone, the whole smoke cannon is like a soul, but she hasn’t waited for her to come out of the sorrow of the mourning husband.Another bad news came over: I am pregnant!

Are you a pregnancy tube?As soon as I said the big smoke cannon, I noticed something wrong.This child is from Wu Huide. One thousand eight worried that he would not be able to raise the child alone, hoping that the big smoke cannon could help.The big smoke was scolded: She didn’t let the 188 pay Wu Huide’s life.Now that she still wants her to help her love her children to dream, and after driving the one thousand eight out of the past, she thought of her grievances.There was a call for help in the house of the night of the night. It turned out that the bachelor in the village wanted to take advantage of 1,88.Although the big smoke cannon hated this woman, she couldn’t accept others being bullied, and she ran away when she passed.But unfortunately, one after another completely overwhelmed.

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