Huo Siyan smoked indoors and was photographed. At the age of 40, he did not repair the sophisticated posture.

Huo Siyan, who has always shown the image of his wife and hot mother, did not expect to be a "old smoke gun" in private?

On December 9th, some media exposed a video of Huo Siyan’s room.Whether it is her bold smoke posture or the dress that the whole person does not repair, it is far from the image of the goddess in front of the screen.

From the perspective of the picture, the day was late at night. Huo Siyan and Du Jiang joined hands with friends to meet with friends. The atmosphere was very active during the meeting. Huo Siyan not only continued to chat with friends, but also stood up from time to time to snug in Du Jiang watched him to play games., Called social affiliates.

It is said that the more people generally expose their true state in a familiar and relaxed environment.It may be a cigarette addiction. Huo Siyan couldn’t wait to cigarette in the indoor restaurant. The movement was very skilled and sophisticated. Unlike a novice, there were some breath.I don’t know if the work is too busy. In the video, Huo Siyan looks slightly embarrassed. She has always loved beauty and she has rarely scattered her hair.

Huo Siyan shook his head while pumping in his room, and he didn’t feel that his behavior had nothing wrong with his behavior.

Although Huo Siyan’s smoking can enjoy a relaxed attitude, this move of her indoor smoking has caused public controversy.

In fact, for Huo Siyan, this is not the first time she has been photographed to smoke.

As early as June a few years ago, Huo Siyan was exposed to be alone with a mysterious boyfriend’s carriage. This is nothing. When the two people chatted on the same day, Huo Siyan not only continued to draw in the small indoors, but was photographed naturally in nature, but he was photographed naturally.Put your hands out of the window and shake the ash out of the window.

Even as early as 2011, some netizens had encountered Huo Siyan smoking in various places. It seems that the age of smoke has been at least ten years.

Regardless of whether it was banned in the case, he smoked indoors or trembled the ash out of the window regardless of hidden safety hazards, and Huo Siyan was labeled with a "worry -free" label.

However, some netizens said that the news of the male star was filmed without seeing everyone so indignant. Recently, Ma Yizhen and Huo Siyan were exposed to the room to smoke a lot of controversy. Smoking may be just a way for them to relieve stress.

As a constant work star, 40 -year -old Huo Siyan is not only a child mother, but also a virtuous help at home.From the perspective of variety shows or interviews, Huo Siyan took care of his family in order, and even revealed that the living expenses at home were basically relying on her financial management.

Power is accompanied by pressure.Huo Siyan revealed his pressure more than once in front of the camera. He often felt tired and even difficulty in sleep. He only helped sleep with some relaxed video clips.

But having said that, as a public figure, Huo Siyan should still pay attention to his image.After all, smoking will not only hurt your body, but also hurt the health of the people around you. I hope she can pay more attention in the future!


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