How to use the pregnancy test stick?

The pregnancy test stick is a tool for women to detect whether pregnancy is used. The principle of testing the pregnancy test stick is detected according to human chorionic gonad hormones in human urine.If two lines are displayed on the pregnancy test stick, it is pregnancy (positive).

Precautions for using pregnancy test sticks:

1. Try to detect the first urine in the morning, because the level of hormones at this time is the easiest to detect.If it does not work, it is necessary to ensure that urine is used for at least four hours in the bladder to detect.

2. Do not drink too much moisture to increase urine, because this will dilute the level of hormones.

3. Carefully read the manual before starting the test, and do it accurately according to each step.

4. Some drugs may affect the results of the test, so be sure to read the label description carefully.

In addition, if it is an accidental pregnancy, the HCG level may be very low, so it cannot be detected by the pregnancy test stick.To confirm the test results, be sure to see a doctor.

It should be noted that the result of pregnancy (positive) can be interpreted after 1 minute (fastest 30 seconds), which means that the two lines are clearly displayed after 1 minute after testing, andThere is no need to wait until 3 points.

The result of not pregnancy must be determined after 3 minutes. It is because in the early pregnancy, the HCG hormone content in the urine is very low, and weak positive results may occur during testing. The weak positive results may not be displayed after 1 minute.With the increase of the response time, the two lines can be displayed until 3 minutes. At this time, the two lines should still be judged as the result of pregnancy (positive); if there is only one control line after 3 minutes, the interpretation can be judged as not as unparalleled as not as unparalleled as notThe result of pregnancy (negative).

The results of the interpretation after 5 minutes are invalid! Because the reading within 5 minutes is the experimental basis for designing products. The result of the long -term interpretation after more than 5 minutes is not clear. Some people may have false positive results.The result does not represent the actual situation.

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