How to treat women "Gong Han"

"Gong Han" is the abbreviation of ordinary people for "uterine cold" and "cold cell palace"."Cold Conicide Palace" refers to a series of symptoms that women have insufficient kidney yang, and the cell palace (uterine) is lost in the gentleness.

"The Cold Cold" was first seen in the "Bian Zi Heart Book" written by the soupe of the Song Dynasty. It wrote under the "Zijin Dan": This Dan supplement the spleen and kidney deficiency damage, promotes blood circulation and bones, and treats the virtual fatigue. The uterus is cold.The faith is irregular, the umbilicus is lumbar pain, the yellow muscles are thin, the diarrhea is smooth, and all the evidence of all deficiency.

In the Ming Dynasty, Li Shicai wrote under the "Cistanche" strip of "Ray Gong Artillery Burning Pharmaceutical Solution": It tastes sweet and sour, slightly warm, non -toxic, and enters the door.Xingyang Road, beneficial essence, replenishing labor, strong muscles and bones, the main men leaking urine, drowning with legacy, femininity, and palace cold infertility.Wine for a while, go to the cauliflower, split the center, remove the white film, steam for half a day, and use it.Those who are moist and hypertrophic are good.(Press: Rong Rong is warm, which is the turbidity in the turbidity, so it is necessary to replenish the fire, but those with weak veins should be used.

The "Shennong Materia Medica" of the Han Dynasty has recorded: purple quartz, sweet, warm.The cough of the main heart of the heart is against evil spirits.In the warmth of the time, he is delayed lightly.

Chinese medicine theory "Gong Han"

Lupez, deputy director of the Department of Acupuncture, Foshan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that the "uterus" in Chinese medicine is different from the uterus referred to as Western medicine. Its scope is larger, including a variety of organs such as uterus and ovaries.

The "palace cold" in a broad sense is a series of diseases that occur in the female cell palace due to the cold evil of foreign colds, or the cold born in the human spleen and kidney yang deficiency, which stagnate in the female cell palace.

However, some people are inherently cold, such as their limbs are easy to be cold, they are particularly sensitive to cold and warm climate, their faces are pale than ordinary people, like drinking hot drinks, rarely thirsty, cold in winter, heat resistance in summer, or genetic factors due to their parents’ physiqueCold leading to the cold constitution of the child. This is the overall physique and cold, not the lack of function of a single organs, and strictly cannot be treated by "palace cold".

"Gong Han" has "three degrees", which kind of?

The symptoms of "Gonghan" include:

● There are many leucorrhea, thin and thin;

● Menstrual disorders, decreased menstrual flow, dark red or dark color, and dysmenorrhea often occurs;

● Calm sex, susceptible or infertility;

● The lower abdomen is not warm, painful, cold limbs, obese, especially the small belly, the waist is difficult to reduce, and dizziness often occurs;

● Poor complexion, waxy yellow, easy to grow melasma;

● Sleepy and back pain, or weak waist soreness, dull complexion, and swelling of the eyelids.

The first two and 2 symptoms mentioned above are "palace cold"; the first two and 2 symptoms and the subsequent symptoms are the second "palace cold"; the two and 2 types are metThe symptoms and any two symptoms are severe three -degree "palace cold".

What if there are "Gong Han"?Try the warm palace guide trilogy

1. Moxibustion

Acupoints: Liming Gate, Bada (upper, second, middle, and lower parts each, called Bada), Shenxuan, Middle Polar, and uterus.

Moxibustion has the functions of passing the meridians, active qi and blood circulation, and wetting and cold. You can choose mild moxibustion moxibustion, or you can choose ginger moxibustion, salt moxibustion, etc.

The moxibustion time is about 15-20 minutes. The local skin is slightly red but does not burn the skin as a degree. It feels that the warmth of moxibustion is radiated to the entire lower abdomen or the entire tail tail, and the pelvic area.

It should be noted that if the passage is smooth and the passage is large, there is no need to moxibustion.If the menstrual abdominal pain is obvious, the menstrual shade is dark, the blood clots are large and dark, it can moxibustion.Moxibustion can help discharge blood stasis and dispel "Gong Han".If the symptoms are severe, you can also choose acupuncture treatment.

2. Warm Palace

(1) Belly warm palace exercise

Methods: Ory the bedside before going to bed every night, rub your hands, stick your belly, start with the belly button, and the palm roots are forceful.The veins slip to the navel.Massage 50 times, massage to slight heat sensation.

Tips: During pregnancy and menstrual period, especially when the amount of menstruation is large and endless, it is not advisable to do warm palace exercises.

(2) Foot warm palace exercise

Yongquan acupoint is one of the commonly used acupoints of the foot Shaoyin kidney meridian, located at the bottom of the foot.Yongquan acupoints directly pass the kidney meridian, which is also a place where turbid air decreases.Frequently massage Yongquan acupoints, can nourish the kidney and strengthen the body, strengthen the body, remove the "palace cold", prevent premature aging, and also have certain effects on dizziness, insomnia, tinnitus, headache, etc. caused by kidney loss.

The method of rubbing the spring acupoint is very simple. Use warm water to soak your feet before going to bed every day, wipe your hands with heat, massage the right foot Yongquan acupoint with your left hand, and massage your left foot Yongquan acupoint, 100 times each time.Above, it is advisable to rub your feet.

3. Warm meridians to nourish the kidney soak

Use an appropriate amount of wormwood and cinnamon, put it in the casserole after washing, add an appropriate amount of water to heat, turn it on low heat for more than ten minutes, let the water gradually warmer, soak it with your feet.In the process of soaking, you can also add new wormwood cinnamon water to keep the water warm.

Lupez said that the foot soaking can be warm to nourish the kidneys, and it also helps to obese "Gong Han" obesity. It can also improve some uncomfortable diseases caused by obesity, such as weakness and asthma.

4. Dietary recommendation

Ginger jujube brown sugar water

Method: Prepare 30 grams of dry ginger and jujube, sliced dry ginger after washing, remove the nucleus with jujube, add an appropriate amount of brown sugar and cook.

Drinking soup, eating jujube, has the effect of warming meridians and dispersing cold. It is suitable for cold dysmenorrhea.

Safflower warm palace

Method: Take 1 egg, open a mouth, put 5 grams of safflower, stir well and steam.

Eat the day before the menstrual tide, eat 1 a day, eat 5 days, and then start taking it the day before the menstrual period of the menstrual period next time. Continue to take the 3 menstrual cycle for 3 menstrual periods.Patients with small menstruation, black color, and more blood clots.

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