How to see boys and women from the appearance of the belly?The method of guessing the sex of the fetus from the folk

There are boys or girls inside the belly. If you do n’t, you will never stop this when you do n’t finally produce.It can be seen that we are all curious and waiting for children’s gender.Many people say that they can look at the birth of boys and women from their stomachs. So what do you think?

Method 1: Look at the shape of the belly

As long as it is a girl’s belly, the lower end of the belly is upside down, and the lines are raised and corners. The more accurate accuracy of the trapezoid.The lower end of the boy’s belly is relatively smooth and full, without that kind of raised line.Regardless of the response of mothers during pregnancy, the fetal movement or whether the navel can be raised sooner or later, as long as the positive belly fits the girl’s characteristics, 99%may be the girl; 90%of the boy’s characteristics are boys.

Method 2: Look at the shape of the belly button

Boy: Navel eyes are raised; girls: belly button eyes are flat.

Method 3: Look at the waistline

From the front, the mother of the baby girl has a clear waist line and has an arc; the belly has a clear feeling of falling, the pelvis cannot stand, and the strength is lacking.Male baby is opposite.

Method 4: Look at the body

During the period of being pregnant, if she is fat, she is not fat, and she is a son; on the contrary, if the body is also fat, she will be her daughter.

Other guesses of boys and women

1. Wireless boy eats the food that I usually love

The number of proteins taken by pregnant women with a male fetus is uniformly exceeded by 8%than the pregnant women who are pregnant with a female fetus.The amount of food that men who are pregnant with men eat during pregnancy is much larger than she is, but they do not show the diseases that eat differences or weird foods, but they eat the food she usually loves.

2. Fitness and slowness of fetal heart

If you think that the fetus is strong and slow, the fetus is a may greater; otherwise, the girl is pregnant with a girl.In

3. Look at the change of the appearance and skin of the pregnant woman

If the appearance of a pregnant woman becomes beautiful, the skin becomes lubricated, maybe she is pregnant with a girl; on the contrary, her appearance becomes ugly, her skin becomes rough, and her face is full of acne, maybe she is pregnant with a boy.

These discrimination methods are for reference only, and expectant mothers can also test the test to play and play, and cannot take this unique specification.There is no need to try to know the baby’s gender. After the baby is born, you naturally know your son and daughter.

I wish you a healthy and healthy baby ~!

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