How to replenish iodine in pregnant women during pregnancy deficiency during pregnancy

1. Harm of iodine deficiency in pregnant women

1. Early pregnancy -deficient hazards

In the early stage of pregnancy, the baby’s brain is a period of rapid development. At this time, the nutrition required by the baby’s baby depends entirely on the expectant mothers.In the early pregnancy, iodine deficiency in pregnant women can cause iodine deficiency in the baby, which will affect the proliferation and differentiation of nerve cells and brain protein synthesis disorders. The reduction of brain protein content will reduce the volume of the cells and reduce the brain weight, which will directly affect the intellectual development of the fetal baby.Some surveys show that pregnant moms are deficient in iodine, and the length, weight, and head circumference of the baby after birth are lower than normal, and the influence of baby girls is more serious.

2. Increase the incidence of miscarriage and fetal baby deformity and death

The growth of the baby’s baby not only rely on the thyroxine provided by the pregnant mother. After 10 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal baby’s own thyroid gland also has the ability to use iodine to synthesize thyroxine to meet the needs of its own growth.Pregnant mothers will grow stagnation or abnormalities in the severe iodine deficiency.

3. Causes neonatal baby to have Katin disease

When the iodine intake before and during pregnancy is less than 25ug/d, the newborn baby may have Katin disease characterized by low intelligence, deaf and dumb, lag, exercise dysfunction, decreased language ability, and other growth and development disorders.

4. Pregnant mothers with iodine deficiency will swell

In areas of iodine deficiency, the incidence of hyperopia in pregnant mothers increases by 30%average.If you do not get enough iodine nutrition, the thickened neck will be difficult to recover slim.

5. Thyroid machine can decrease in the third trimester

Medium iodine deficiency will cause pregnant mummy to decrease in thyroid dysfunction in the late pregnancy, and among those pregnant mumans with severe iodine deficiency, the incidence of thyroid dysfunction can reduce the incidence of 1/3.

The performance of thyroid machine can decrease:

A. Sky weakness, easy to get tired, and love to sleep.

B. It turned out that those who love sweating will feel that sweating is significantly reduced. The skin is rough and dry, the body is afraid of cold, and the hair is dry and scarce.

C. The work cannot be mentally, inadequate, decreased in memory, and reduced intelligence.

D. Poor appetite, abdominal distension, constipation.

E. Increased weight and slow heart rate.

F. I always feel that my face is swollen, hand -swollen, and leg swelling, but there is no depression with my hands.

2. What foods do pregnant women eat iodine?

The lack of iodine of expectant mothers not only threatens her health, but also affects the growth and development of the baby. So what should expectant mothers eat iodine?What about iodine -rich foods?Look down together.

Seaweed foods such as kelp, seaweed, skirt vegetables, etc., high iodine content, pregnant moms eat 50 grams per week, can effectively replenish iodine, but it is not advisable to eat a lot.

The following foods are ranked among the iodine in the same kind. It is the choice of pregnant mommy supplementation: Haihong, scallops, shrimp skin, dried tofu, pistachios, quail eggs, turkey tendons, milk, spinach, cabbage, cabbage, cabbage, cabbage, cabbage, Green Pepper, Songren, Pumpkin seeds, walnuts.

Of course, land food eggs and milk content are also relatively high, followed by meat, and freshwater fish are also iodine -containing foods.Also, when buying salt, expectant mothers can buy iodine -containing salt.

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