How to relieve edema during pregnancy?

Many expectant mothers will have edema during pregnancy. What is going on?How to relieve it?

Pregnancy edema refers to the ingredients of the liquid ingredients in the blood vessels during pregnancy during pregnancy, which is caused by the accumulation of the gap between the tissue. The edema during pregnancy often occurs in the late pregnancy.The increase of the pregnancy weeks increases.

If edema is found during pregnancy, it can be relieved by the following measures:

1. Rest full.The uterus continues to increase the blood vessels and blocks the flow of veins, causing edema. If the expectant mothers often stand for a long time, sitting for a long time, or excessive fatigue, the edema of the lower limbs will increase.Therefore, expectant mothers should pay more attention to rest.

2. Diet conditioning.The function of regulating salt and moisture during pregnancy decreases. Therefore, pregnant women should pay attention to controlling salt intake in daily life. Generally, it is advisable to exceed 6 grams per day.Edema during pregnancy is also related to malnutrition. Pay attention to strengthening nutrition after pregnancy, especially to ensure the intake of high -quality protein, such as fish, eggs, milk and dairy products, soybeans and soy products.A variety of vitamins and trace elements must also be ensured during pregnancy.

3. Appropriate activity.Appropriate activities every day, such as walking, can effectively alleviate edema during pregnancy. The activity time should not be too long. It is advisable to 15-20 minutes each time.

4. Correct sleeping position.When sleeping, pregnant women should take the left side position, so as to avoid compressing the veins of the lower limbs and reducing the resistance of blood reflux.When lying flat, it is best to raise your legs by 15 degrees, so as to accelerate the blood flow of the lower limbs and effectively relieve swelling.

5. Appropriate wear.Pregnant women should wear loose and comfortable clothes, because tight clothes can cause poor blood circulation and cause swelling of the body.

6. Leg massage.The prospective dad helps mothers to massage the calves and feet every day. For about 20 minutes each time, the method should be gentle, so that it can effectively relieve the swelling.

If the above measures are not relieved or disappeared, it is likely that the pathological edema is likely, and the expectant mothers must not ignore it. They should go to the hospital as soon as possible and actively treat primary diseases.

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