How to relieve acid reflux and vomiting in early pregnancy?May wish to learn more from those who come here

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In the early pregnancy, the most rare thing is to deal with stomach acid, bloating, nausea and vomiting every day.

Obviously I didn’t eat anything, but I vomited a mess.The taste of spitting acid and water anytime, anywhere is really uncomfortable. I have just spit out the joy of pregnancy.

Some pregnant mothers are lucky. This discomfort only appears in the early pregnancy, and the duration is relatively short. Most of them appear after getting up in the morning, or before going to bed at night; some pregnant mothers are not so lucky.Even until the middle of pregnancy.

In the early pregnancy, why is it acidic and vomiting?

In fact, there are still many mothers who have giving birth to baby, and they do not know why they will vomit in early pregnancy.Not to mention those women who have just been diagnosed with pregnancy, they don’t know much about the situation where pregnancy may occur.I hope that the next introduction can answer questions for more pregnant mothers.

1. Early pregnancy reaction

After women are pregnant, the level of hormone in the body is significantly higher.In this way, it will stimulate the body’s digestive tract, and thereby appear acidic and disgusting early pregnancy manifestations. This is normal physiological changes.

2. Dietary problems

Some pregnant mothers always feel that eating more after pregnancy, because the baby needs nutrition.Unsitable overeating, causing discomfort in his stomach and intestines, and sourness and nausea have also become an inevitable result.

3. Living habits

Even if you are pregnant, the living habits of many pregnant mothers are still the same as before, and there is no rest on time for the baby.Staying up late for a long time will actually hurt gastrointestinal health.

In the early pregnancy, how to relieve the discomfort of anti -acid vomiting?

@多: Eat more apples

Without pregnancy, I know that Apple has the effect of stopping vomiting.Therefore, after pregnancy, in order to relieve the discomfort of vomiting, apples are used as a must -have.

Every day breakfast and meal, you eat a steamed apple. The sweet and sour taste is particularly appetizing, and it has the effect of stopping vomiting.

@: Sour food

In particular, I believe in a word: when to attack poison with poison, when it is sour, it will "forced" to eat some sour food by themselves, which can increase appetite, but also supplement vitamin C, which has the function of eliminating food and spleen.

Of course, the premise of eating sour food is to ensure your stomach health.The nausea of acid reflux in the early pregnancy has nothing to do with physical health, but a simple reaction during pregnancy.

@: Soda biscuits

There are more vomiting, and the mood will become unparalleled, and the health that affects yourself and the baby.Smart pregnant mother, hurry up and arrange soda biscuits.

In the early stages of pregnancy, soda biscuits are essentials whether they are at home or going out.Vomiting caused the energy of the body to keep up with. Eating sulfef biscuits can supplement energy without worrying about eating too much.

@: Yogurt

In any case, you still need to strengthen nutrition during pregnancy. After all, the growth of the baby needs to pay special attention.Other foods can’t be eaten, but yogurt can be reluctant.

The fermented yogurt contains many lactic acid bacteria ingredients that are beneficial to the gastrointestinal, which can largely relieve pregnancy.

@调: adjust the mood

Many pregnant mothers’ nausea is affected by hormone levels in the body, and their own health is not much problem.At this time, the only thing I can do is relax and make myself happy.

In fact, the more tight it is during pregnancy, the more likely it is to increase the chance of vomiting.Instead, you can make you vomiting less every day and make yourself and your baby healthier.

In the early pregnancy, diet is particularly important

In addition to these stops shared by Baoma, the diet of early pregnancy is also a particularly important link.Many pregnant mothers have made mistakes in diet, which causes themselves to be sour.

1. Eat less meals

The more you have to eat during pregnancy, and you must also ensure the nutrition and diversification of food.At this time, don’t deliberately increase the amount of consumption, but adopt a gradual method to let yourself take more nutrition through the principle of eating less.

2. Find laws

With the movement of pregnancy, many pregnant mothers have experienced regular vomiting and must be good at observing and summarizing.Only by finding your own vomiting law can you eat better. At the stage of no vomiting, try to eat as little meals as much as possible to strengthen nutrition.

3. Add more water

Even if you drink water, the pregnant mother still has to replenish more water.Because people are vomiting, they will have water deficiency in their bodies, so replenishment of water can avoid physical imbalances.Drinking plenty of water in the early pregnancy is actually conducive to physical metabolism and can excrete the harmful substances in the body.

Pregnant mothers who are vomiting during pregnancy, you are the strongest "soldiers". The reason why they are willing to endure a great discomfort are because of their inherent mother’s love.However, as long as you find the right method, you can also relieve vomiting in an appropriate amount, and pregnant mothers can try.

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