How to print an invoice and issue the small details of the invoice

Every company needs to have financial personnel. Most of the daily business activities also use invoices as trading vouchers. This voucher is also a business that a financial personnel need to take seriously.So, what should we pay attention to about invoice printing and obtaining?How should I identify the invoice correctly at work?Let ’s talk about the two or three things about the invoice with the editor below

1. When printing invoices, what are the problems?

When printing invoices, the invoice cannot be severely crimined. All the invoices are printed and printed once again. The content is completely the same. The invoice can only be invoiced and deducted the seal of the invoice.When issuing a general invoice for VAT, the contact address and telephone number on the ordinary invoice have not been required for compulsory.Essence

Invoice printing should pay attention to whether there is a number

2. Can I use the invoices that have no tax identification number to receive a public institution?

According to the "Announcement on the Related Issues Related to Value -Value Invoices": From July 1, 2017, when the purchaser is the enterprise, when the VAT invoice is requested, the seller shall issue a general VAT invoice for them.Fill in the taxpayer identification number or uniform social credit code in the purchaseer’s taxpayer identification number "column.Invoices that do not meet the prescribed invoices shall not be used as tax vouchers.The enterprises mentioned in this announcement include corporate, non -company -owned enterprise legal persons, corporate branches, wholly -owned enterprises, partnerships and other enterprises.Public institutions can not fill in the taxpayer identification number without issuing an invoice. You can use the invoice of the institution without the taxpayer identification number.

What should I do if I receive an invoice without a tax number from the public institution?

3. Can the invoices be used in the old version of the invoice supervision?

According to Article 6 of the "Announcement of the State Administration of Taxation on the Reform of Tax Institution", after the new tax institution is listed, the new tax ticket style and invoice supervision chapter will be enabled.The tax tickets printed by the provincial tax authorities before the listing and the invoice produced by the former provincial tax authorities can be continued before December 31, 2018. The tax ticket printed by the State Administration of TaxUse; the newly launched invoice producer is oval in shape, a thin line of the inner ring is carved, and the "National Taxation Administration" is carved in the "National Taxation Administration" in the middle.× Provincial (District, Municipal) Taxation Bureau ".

What is the old version of the supervision chapter

What is the old version of the supervision chapter

Invoice Supervisor

4. What should I do if the VAT invoice is wrong?

If the invoice is wrong, if you need to be invalidated, the ordinary invoice can be cooked directly when the month of the month. The ordinary invoices across the moon need to be popular. The special VAT invoices will be returned and the invoices are incorrect.Those who meet the abolition conditions can be used for abolition.If the invoice has been certified or the moon needs to issue a red letter invoice.


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