How to prevent pregnancy high pressure in the 8 -month -old dying of a woman

The news of a stolen death in a pregnant woman with a fetus caused public attention. Experts said that they were likely to be caused by pregnancy hypertension.So what is pregnancy hypertension?How to prevent and treat pregnancy hypertension in daily life? This article has made detailed reports in this area. You might as well go below to learn about it!

Women’s birth of 8 months of love, sudden death, dying, a 62 -year -old man, a 62 -year -old man

It is understood that Luo, 62, and Gillian, 29 years old, met 10 years ago.Gillian was unmarried with a man in his rural hometown in Hechi and had two children.Over the years, Luo and Gillian’s "forgetful love" secretly.

On May 8th, after making an appointment with Gillian, Luo came from Libo County, Guizhou Province to Hechi City.That night, the two stayed in a hotel, and the relationship had a relationship.At this time, Gillian was pregnant for 8 months.

The next day, the two "moved" to "a hotel in Jinchengjiang District" and registered with Luo’s ID card.On the morning of the 10th of the month, Gillian suddenly fainted in the guest room, and Luo hurriedly called 120 and 110 to call the police.After the medical staff arrived at the scene, they found that Gillian had died.On the 23rd of that month, Hechi City Police made a legal body test and appraisal, saying that Gillian’s death could not exclude sudden death of pregnancy hypertension.

After Gillian’s death, his family members had failed to negotiate with Luo and others on compensation. Then, Zhao Mou, the operator of the "Jinchengjiang District", sued the Jinchengjiang District Court of Hechi City to ask for compensation for economic losses.The court trial believes that Gillian and Luo both have full behavior, and have sufficient understanding and foresight in dealing with their behavior consequences.Gillian knows that she has been pregnant for 8 months and still has a relationship with her boyfriend. In the end, she died suddenly in the hotel room.Luo knew that his girlfriend was pregnant and still had a relationship with it, and he should be responsible for the second.

What is pregnancy hypertension

Pregnancy hypertension refers to the systolic blood pressure during pregnancy higher than 140 or diastolic pressure higher than ninety, or the blood pressure in the late pregnancy is increased by thirty or rising diastolic pressure.It is true that the measurement of at least two hours or more at least two times.

What are the specific symptoms and what dangerous

Most of the intracranial hypertension that occurs in the first pregnancy: headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, and resurgence; bottom vision of the eyes of the nipples of the nipples, the function of the abdomen of the eye, the pressure of the cerebrospinal fluid, the pressure of CT and cerebrovascular angiographyCan exclude intracranial lesions.The benign intracranial hypertension can only appear in the first pregnancy season, or it can last until the entire pregnancy. It gradually disappears after childbirth. It may be related to the increase in estrogen during pregnancy, retention of sodium water, and endocrine metabolism.It does not endanger mothers, and the pregnancy and childbirth process is normal.Your current position: Northeast Network Fashion> Emotional Life> Emotional Life Women’s Women’s Cosmetic Emperor Corporation Calculating Sudden Death how to prevent pregnancy high -pressure disease northeast network fashion channel

What are the causes of hypertension during pregnancy?

It is related to the following factors:

1. Age ≤ 20 years old or> 35 -year -old first pregnant woman.

2. Race differences, such as African or Spanish descent in the United States or Spain.

3. Family genetic factors have a history of hypertension in the family, the mother of pregnant women has PIH history, or sisters and daughter -in -law of patients with eclampsia.

4. Those with primary hypertension, nephritis, diabetes and other medical history.

5. Those with malnutrition anemia, hypoproteinemia.

6. Dwarf fat weight index> 0.24.

7. Those with excessive mental stress or strong work intensity.

8. Excessive amniotic fluid, twin, and huge ecstasy.

How to prevent pregnancy hypertension and how to treat it?

Pregnancy hypertension is related to what the pregnant mummy is eaten and how to eat it. Too much thermal intake, insufficient intake of protein, various vitamins, etc., will induce or aggravate the hypertension of pregnancy.Therefore, the reasonable arrangement of pregnant mothers’ diet is very critical to prevent and control the occurrence and development of pregnancy hypertension.

1. Control thermal energy and weight

Excessive energy intake during pregnancy can easily lead to obesity, and obesity is an important risk factor for pregnancy hypertension. Therefore, the amount of food should be appropriately controlled during pregnancy.Standard adjustment.Especially the super -heavy mothers before pregnancy should be as little as possible or not to eat candy, snacks, sweet beverages, fried foods and high -fat foods.Pregnant moms should not exceed 12 kg throughout the pregnancy.Author: Source: Phoenix Parent -Child Editor: Tian Jia Fashion Channel Editor: Tian Jia QQ: 42538202

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