How to know that if you are pregnant, you can judge

Many married women want to conceive their babies earlier, but many people don’t know how to know if they are pregnant.So how do you know that you are pregnant? Let’s take a look together!

1. How do you know that you are pregnant

1. Auntie did not report on time

If the physiological cycle has always been accurate, but in the days, the auntie has not reported on time, then be careful, you may win the prize.

2. The base temperature is not high

Some women have the habit of adhering to the basic body temperature, or began to measure the basal body temperature at the beginning of the baby plan.God, then you can almost win your prize.

3. I feel disgusting

It may not be obvious when you are pregnant, so you will not be taken seriously, because it will occasionally feel disgusting, especially when you are on an empty stomach in the morning, you will feel nauseous to vomit.

4. Puppet pain in small abdomen

Sometimes the pain is not obvious, and some women may not have pain. When the fertilized eggs are implanted into the inner wall of the uterus, there will be slight pain. Sometimes it will be accompanied by a little bleeding or brown secretions, which is also a more obvious signal.

5. Early pregnancy test paper test

If you suspect that you win the prize, you can use the early pregnancy test paper to test it. The use of test strips is very simple. In the early days, the morning urine effect is obvious. If the detection line is not obvious, but it seems that you are winningAfter the line is deepened, you can basically win your prize.

6. Great appetite

Suddenly it can be eaten, and hungry is fast, which is also a very obvious signal.Don’t deliberately control your diet, let go of your appetite if you want to eat, which is beneficial to the baby’s healthy growth.

7, chest pain

Due to the changes in the secretions in the body after pregnancy, as the progesterone and estrogen changes, the chest will become painful, there will be tenderness, the chest will become larger, and the nipple will also become darker.Listoscope increases.

8. Change of taste changes

I will find that I do n’t know why my taste has changed. Some foods that I did n’t like suddenly did n’t like to eat, but they liked the original sweets that they hated the most. This is also the symptom of many expectant mothers.

2. What are the precautions for women’s pregnancy?

1. God’s support

A happy mood and cheerful personality can not only increase the body’s immunity, but also promote the bone marrow hematopoietic function in the body and bones, which makes the skin rosy and shiny.

2. Sleep

Ensure that there is sufficient sleep and abundant energy and physical strength, and sometimes the combination of living, entertainment, and work and rest.Expectant mothers should learn to live scientifically, develop modern scientific and healthy lifestyles, do not stay up late, do not partial eclipse, do not eat snacks, quit smoking and alcohol, do not stay in the same room in special physiological stages such as menstrual period or puerperium.

3. Moving

There must be frequent physical exercise, such as aerobics, running, walking, playing, swimming, dancing, etc., which can enhance physical strength and hematopoietic function.

4, food care

Women should eat more high -quality protein rich in "hematopoietic raw materials" daily, and necessary trace element iron, copper and other nutritious foods such as iron, copper, folic acid and vitamin B12.Such as animal liver, kidney, blood, fish, shrimp, eggs, soy products, black fungus, black sesame, red dates, peanuts, and fresh vegetables and fruits.

5. Care

It is important to maintain a good mentality. I am happy every day, and it is easier to get pregnant.

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