How to judge whether you are infertility

Master, do you have a little problem because you often stay up late, eat unhealthy food, and get worse, and have worse your body … If so, you are here today!

How much is the probability of infertility?

According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, the infertility rate of marriage and childbearing couples in my country is about 12%-18%.

In other words, one infertility may be infertile in every 7 couples.And don’t think infertility is a matter of girls alone.According to the World Health Organization survey, in the infertility couples, pure men’s factors account for 8%-22%; pure women’s factors account for 25%-37%; two parties account for 21-38%.

How can I judge that I might have infertility?

The "Standards for the Health Industry of the People’s Republic of China" released a clinical symptom of infertility: No cases of sexual life have not been adopted for at least 12 months before they can be pregnant. It may be infertility.

If you really have this symptom, don’t watch it, go to the hospital to check your body!

Of course, there are some masters who may start to worry about their infertility without even sexual life.Then I will be based on the cause

Give you a few ways to judge.(The following methods are for reference only, not as a basis for diagnosis)

If you are a boy

The most important thing for conception is "sperm", so

Step 1: It depends on whether there are sperm

Anti -sperm and sperm retrograde, there may be no semen after sex.

Step 2: To judge sperm quality,

The semen of healthy men should meet the following conditions: 2-6ml of semen; the color is milky white or light yellow;If it cannot be satisfied, it means that there is a problem with quality.

Step 3: Observe the living environment of sperm

That is, whether the "egg" is healthy. If there is only one egg or simply no egg, this may be a test of non -test disease or umbrella, and the ability to produce sperm will be greatly reduced.

If there are numbness and earthworm -shaped blood vessels on the surface of the eggs, this may be an intravenous veins, which will also affect the sperm quality. In this case, go to the hospital to see the eggs!

If you are a girl

Most infertility is caused by abnormalities in the following four parts:

"Ovarian" for producing ovarian

If there is a problem with the ovary, menstruation will be extremely irregular, and the amount is particularly small;

Plastful places "fallopian tubes"

If the fallopian tube is blocked, the lower abdomen will be painful, and the leucorrhea will be abnormal;

"Uterus" of fertilized eggs in bed

If there is a problem with the uterus, the lower abdomen will have a clear sense of pain;

The "hypothalamus" of secretion of hormone

If hormones are abnormal, non -lactating breasts may secrete milk.

In addition, there are also some people who are very healthy, but they still can’t be pregnant. This may be another problem, called "immune infertility": there are anti -sperm antibodies or antibodies antibodies in the body, sperm or eggs are immune to the immune system.It is mistaken for bad guys and will be killed.

Therefore, if you really suspect that you have infertility, the most important thing is to go to the hospital for examination.

What inspections do you have to do after infertility?

It should be noted here that after coming to the hospital, don’t go the wrong way. Checking infertility is not to go torior and gynecology, but to go to "reproductive medicine".

Reproductive Medicine: Indications infertility, menstrual disorders, natural abortion, male semen abnormalities

Boys are mainly examination: whether semen is abnormal, and genital function is abnormal.

Attention: Before checking, do not have sex, at least 3-7 days of ascetic, so the sperm is mature.

Girls are mainly inspection: whether the organ is led?

In addition, the marriage inspection cannot replace infertility examinations. Even if the marriage examination is normal, infertility may still occur.Finally, even if there are problems, don’t be too stressful, the medical technology is very developed now.If you haven’t checked it yet, let’s not worry too much. From now on, it is the key to raise your body ~

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