How to judge whether the peacock fish is pregnant?

Peacock fish is a living person.

After the female spawns, it is not fertilizer, but fertilization inside the female.

She retained the egg and gave birth to a free swimming young man, called fish fry.

Breeding peacock fish is a very cool experience, but it looks a bit overwhelming at first.

It is always easy to determine whether a peacock fish is pregnant, but it is important to accept it as soon as possible to help her during pregnancy and give them the fish that they need after their birth.

Here are some important matters about taking care of the pregnant peacock fish.

The first thing you will notice will be noticed is that the belly is getting bigger and bigger.This may expand, but the peacock fish is highly produced and breeds quickly, so there is always a good chance of pregnancy.

If your fish stops eating, it is time to suspect that she may be pregnant with the plants and decorations in the water tank, or start shaking or shaking.Pay attention to her and pay attention to more clear signs.

What is obvious to find is an obvious pregnancy spots.The pregnancy peacock fish has a very obvious pregnancy spots in the abdomen.It is usually orange at the beginning and darkens during pregnancy, although it changes from shallow to deep in the whole process.

As the peacock fish is getting closer and closer to birth, she becomes very large, showing the appearance of four or four squares.At this stage, she was almost ready.You may see a tiny black spot where you are pregnant.These are actually babies’ eyes.

When the malachfish enters the delivery, you will notice the physical contraction of the stop and the beginning.The abdomen muscles are tightened and then relaxed.

Sometimes, the peacock fish will hide when they are about to give birth, but they can often see in the open air and swim in place.This is one of the most common signs of labor.

The pregnancy period is slightly different, depending on several factors, including the mother’s health and stress level and the water tank water.Generally speaking, it lasts 21 to 31 days, with an average of 22 to 26 days.

Because the pregnancy period is very short, it helps to understand the mating situation in order to understand the possible pregnancy.The male fish usually chase females around the tank to discharge her, and then insert the male fish’s anal fins into the lower abdomen of the female.

The mating is fast, and most of the peacock fish owners have not seen it happen.However, if you happen to notice this behavior, you will know that you should pay attention to the symptoms of pregnancy.

In addition, please remember that female peacocks do not have to live with male fish.How about it?Female malachfish can actually store sperm for 8 months.This means that she can continue to produce babies after living alone for a few months.

Believe it or not, this is actually the survival mechanism of peacock fish.The male fish can only live for a few months and the female can live for about two years.Storing sperm from the preferred partner can ensure that females can have fish fry without male fish.

Be sure to feed your pregnant woman a comprehensive diet to ensure that she has no shortcomings.Try it in thin slices, particles, saline shrimp, bloodworms and algae discs to provide some changes.

Another important thing you can do for the pregnancy peacock fish is to reduce the pressure.If females feel pressure, females can absorb babies, and they will not be born.

A simple way is to let a breeding box separate the pregnancy fish, but if it is not done well, this may also cause pressure.The longer the limited time of females, the greater the pressure of females, so it is best to wait until the end of pregnancy to take this step.The breeding box is a good place for female fry.

A peacock fish may take four to six hours to complete the delivery. If the female is under pressure, it may take up to 12 hours.

However, a healthy female can only send one fry at a time, although they will come one after another soon.There are often short pauses between groups, so females can rest.Female peacocks can have 2 to 200 fish seedlings at a time.

There are some important things to do so that the baby’s peacock fish is safe and happy.

The preparation of baby peacock fish before birth is very important, because if you are not safe, other fish in the aquariums are likely to eat them.

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