How to judge whether others are pregnant?How can I see if others are pregnant

In daily life, asking a lady if she is pregnant may be the most embarrassing thing in the world, and what is even more embarrassing is that she found that she was not pregnant.Maybe you are just curious and want to know the answer; maybe when you are riding, hesitant to give up your seat.No matter what reason, in order to avoid such a distress scene, here is some common signs of pregnancy to help you judge whether the other party is pregnant before opening.All in all, it is best not to make assumptions first.Don’t ask directly, but wait for them to say it.

1. Pay attention to the change of her dress.In the early stages of pregnancy, many women began to wear loose clothes to cover the bulging abdomen.As the abdominal protrusion is getting more and more obvious, most people also need to buy larger maternity pants or maternity clothes.If you find that her dress style is different, or start buying large clothes, she may be pregnant.

2. Listen to her changes in diet habits.Many pregnant women’s appetite and preferences for different foods will change during pregnancy.Therefore, she must pay special attention when she complains or talks about food. This can help you determine whether she is pregnant: Desire: Not all pregnant women will go through the situation below, but some people want to mix several foods together,And this combination is usually strange (such as kimchi and ice cream), or some people just want to eat one food (such as citrus fruits or Chinese food).So when she talks about what she likes to eat, she must pay attention!Anorex: Many women are particularly disgusted with some kinds of food often eaten in the past during pregnancy.If you know that she usually loves sushi, but suddenly when she thinks of sushi, she may be pregnant.Maintaining sufficient moisture: Pregnant women must have sufficient water to transport important nutrition to the fetus, so many pregnant women pay great attention to their own drinking water.In order to ensure that the body is sufficient in their bodies, they may suddenly take water drinking as a top priority, and some of them have a cup wherever they go.

3. Observe whether she is disgusting.In the early days of pregnancy, in addition to changes in eating habits, many women also have nausea and vomiting. We call it "morning vomiting".This may be the reason why she changes in some changes in her diet.For example, she doesn’t eat anything except biscuits.But morning vomiting may have nothing to do with food.

Although it is called "morning vomiting", except for the morning, many pregnant women feel disgusting all day, so you must pay attention to the nausea or vomiting signs of the other party at any time.How to distinguish between morning vomiting and general indigestion or similar symptoms?Morning vomiting is even more serious, and the general influenza generally only lasts for a few days, and the morning vomiting lasts longer.

4. Pay attention to whether she complains where it hurts or uncomfortable.Pregnancy will bring a variety of changes, thereby causing soreness throughout the body.If she suddenly lift back pain, headache or dizziness, these symptoms may be related to pregnancy.

When she talks about her soreness, you can try to ask her how to suffer, or have she often engaged in a sport recently to see how she answered.For example: "Oh my god! How long have your back pain?" "I just heard you say that I have always felt dizzy recently. Has this situation lasting for a while?"

5. Pay attention to her behavior.In addition to physical changes, many pregnant women’s behavior or daily habits will change.Pay attention to observing the person who may be pregnant to see if she has the following behaviors: the number of times of using the bathroom is more than usual, which may be a sign of pregnancy.Because of the changes in hormones and other organs in the body that grow up, it causes constipation, frequent urination and vomiting.Emotional fluctuations are very common among women during pregnancy. This is because of the ups and downs of hormones and the sudden outbreak of various emotions.For example, she was very happy in the previous second, but she cried without any in the next second, and was not controlled at all.

6. Pay attention to her talk about her sleeping habits.Pregnant women often complain that they feel exhausted, especially in the first three months.If any of the following situations, your observation object may be pregnant.

You can see at a glance that she is too tired, and I can’t cope with daily activities at all.She is always very tired, or "not at all."When work or studying at school, she snapped up as soon as she was free.

7. Ask her future plan.Ask if she has any plans recently, so you can cleverly infer whether she is pregnant.Because it lasted for 9 months during pregnancy, asking the plan during this period will help you determine whether she is pregnant now.If she is pregnant, she cannot travel during her third pregnancy, so I might as well ask if she is interested in traveling a few months later.You can also ask her to have any plans this summer, maybe she will reveal the plan to the decorative baby room to you!

1. Observe the shape of her abdomen.Pregnancy can cause a huge change in women’s bodies, especially abdomen.As the fetus grows, the abdomen of pregnant women will become larger.Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish the pregnancy belly and gain weight, but the abdomen of pregnant women has some subtle different characteristics.The big belly seems to be clear in boundary, but if there are fewer or almost no weight increase in other parts of the body except the abdomen, then this person is likely to be pregnant.If you accidentally hit her belly, remember that the pregnant belly is much stronger than the big belly.

2. Pay attention to her breasts.Because breast tissue is very sensitive to the changes in hormones, the bigger and re -development of the breasts are common physiological phenomena during pregnancy.If you don’t know this person, this method may not be used, because you don’t know the size of her chest before, so there is no way to compare.Some women are too big to swell in the later stages of pregnancy, and they look very incomparable to other parts of the body. This is because the breasts are manufacturing and storing breast milk.

3. Observe her feet and ankles.Swelling of ankle is a very common phenomenon during pregnancy, especially in the fifth month.This is because the body of pregnant women needs to store more water to create more blood and body fluids.

At this time, pregnant women may wear shoes that are very comfortable and help support the body, or flat -toe sandals, so that the swollen feet and ankles are not so painful when walking and standing.

4. Pay attention to the way she walks.Due to the change of body shape, many pregnant women have begun to change.Pay attention to these common signs below: the increasingly larger abdomen and swollen feet will affect the balance of pregnant women, so it is a common phenomenon that it is shaken when walking, or other changes in the pace.Many pregnant women are used to holding their stomachs with both hands, or one hand on the bulging abdomen.This is not only for balance, but also because the parent -child relationship between the pregnant mother and the baby in the belly is deepening.

5. Pay attention to whether the breathing sounds are rapid.In addition to changes in walking, many pregnant women will encounter problems with shortness of breath during the second and third pregnancy.This is because constantly mature fetuses need more and more oxygen, and the increased uterus will also put more and more pressure on the lungs and diaphragms.

They felt unwilling to get angry for a little exercise, which was a common reaction during pregnancy.Combining this and other signs, you can make a judgment.Even if she conforms to the multiple signs listed above, you’d better not talk about pregnancy.Because other factors may cause these signs except pregnancy, once you make mistakes, the other party may feel uncomfortable, and even hurt.

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