How to do athlete athletes affect the fetus on the fetus?

Introduction of this article: Pregnant women are afraid of beaths, because the athletes will hurt the fetus, and they often have a strange itching, they can’t sleep, and the rest will be affected.Intersection

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Does the athlete of pregnant women affect the fetus?

First of all, pregnant moms should be flattened, which generally does not affect the fetus and do not need to worry.In addition, pregnant moms can be treated during pregnancy. They can be appropriately used for Dakannon, but pay attention to wash your hands after taking the medication, avoid contact with your feet as much as possible. Pay attention to shoes with good breathability.It’s best not to wear it.

What to do if pregnant women have athletes

Medically, the athletes are usually divided into four types: erosion, keratinized, blisters, and sweaty foot odor.

Moisting foot athletes: Formation of third and fourth, fourth and fifth toe.It is soft and white.Eppylial falling will show bright red rotten noodles; in severe cases, it will feel itching between the toe seams.

Treatment method: You can put an appropriate amount of salt and several slices of ginger in the water, heat it to boiling, wash your feet when not hot, and wash for a few minutes. Not only will you remove the foot odor, but you can also increase the cycle and have a relaxation effect.

Powardized athletes: Express the skin’s keratin, rough, and desquamation of the skin’s keratin, rough, and desquamation, and the scales are sliced or small, and repeatedly fall off.

Treatment method: Use soybeans to be 150 grams, about one kilogram of water, cook with low heat for about 20 minutes. When the water temperature can be washed, it can be used to soak their feet.Treatment of qi disease is excellent, the feet do not peel, and the skin is moisturized.It will usually be effective for a few days in a row.

Belthane beath air: The size of the grains, evacuation or group distribution of this athlete toe, foot edge, and foot on the soles of the foot.

Treatment method: one pound of rice vinegar, pour vinegar into the basin, soak or immerse, twice a day, about an hour each time, anti -inflammatory and sterilization, simple and effective.

Foot sweat and feet odor -type foot: It is caused by the strong secretion of the bottom sweat glands.Sweat foot athletes are related to genetic, endocrine disorders, mental tension, and emotion.

Treatment method: The alum is developed into thinning, rubbing the palms of the feet ten minutes, three or four times, and will not sweat a lot after the feet, which can effectively relieve sweat odor.

How to treat athletes for pregnant women

Daily health

In daily life, we must keep the feet clean and dry, and pay attention to changing shoes and socks. It is best to have a pair of socks.Shoes should also be paid in turn as much as possible, and the shoes should also be exposed to the sun, so as to kill the bacteria and germs in it.

If you sweat too much, you can sprinkle some refreshing powder on your feet every day before going out, which can effectively suppress sweat.People with tight toes can be sandwiched in the middle to absorb water to avoid fungal infections due to excessive sweating.

Those who are prone to beets should pay special attention to wear less impermeable shoes, such as sneakers and tourism shoes.These shoes will lead to a large increase in sweat. In this case, not only can it cause athletes, but it will also make the foot odor worsen.

It is very important to pay attention to controlling emotions. It is very important to maintain tranquility, because the exciting emotions are easy to induce more sweat, thereby aggravating foot odor.

Good eating habits

Good eating habits are also the best answers to pregnant women with athletes. Do not have the problem of picky eaters in daily life. For some foods containing vitamin B, you must eat more foods.For example, asparagus, almonds, lean meat, eggs, chicken, peanuts, milk, beer, animal liver, oatmeal, oatmeal, etc., these foods contain extremely rich B vitamins.

The reason why foods containing vitamin B have the effects of treatment and preventing foot air, because B vitamin B can regulate sebaceous glandular secretion and enhance skin resistance, which helps us prevent the production of Hong Kong feet.At the same time, we must also pay attention to, that is, for some foods that are easy to cause sweating, you should eat as little as possible, such as peppers, raw shallots, and raw garlic.

What should pregnant women eat?

Eat more foods rich in vitamin B, such as asparagus and almonds.

Eat less spicy foods, such as raw onion and garlic.

Recommended recipe:

Red bean brown rice

Materials: 15 grams each of red beans, brown rice, soybeans, and south apricots, and 200cc of cold water.

Seasoning: 1 tablespoon of brown sugar.


1. Wash red beans, brown rice, soybeans, and south apricots, soak in small cups of water for 4 hours, and then steam for 30 minutes and simmer for 20 minutes with electric cookers.

2. Add all materials to brown sugar and stir well.

Red Bean Carp Soup

Materials: 1 carp (about 600 grams), 75 grams of red beans, 19 grams of red dates, and 1 small piece of Chenpi.

Seasoning: salt, pepper, and oil.practice:

1. Wash and drain the red beans and red dates, soak the peel, scrape the scoop, and use red dates to use it for use.

2. Wash and dry the scales of the carp, sprinkle with a little salt and pepper, and then fry the fish with a little oil until slightly golden, and then rinse the oil with water.

3. Put all the ingredients into the pot at the same time, pour the appropriate amount of water in the water until the water is rolled, and then use the small and medium -sized fire to the material to be soft and soft, and finally add an appropriate amount of salt to season.

Pregnant women’s feet care

Pay attention to the cleaning of the feet during pregnancy, often soak your feet at night, keep the skin of the feet dry, often change shoes and socks. Shoes and socks should be dried under the sun.

Usually it is not suitable to wear impermeable shoes such as leather and other materials. It is best to wear cloth shoes and better breathability leather shoes. The socks should be based on cotton, so as not to cause excessive foot sweat and exacerbation of foot odor.

Diet should be light and less salt, stay away from spicy food, and do not eat foods that are easy to cause sweating, such as peppers, raw onions, raw garlic, etc.

Misunderstanding of the treatment of athletes

Salt water soak feet

Salt water has a certain sterilization effect, but the athlete is infected with fungal. The fungal is a microorganism, and the saline does not work for fungal.Hot saline can promote local blood circulation and help sleep, but it does not work for the treatment of athletes.

Apply wind oil essence

Wind oil essence itself has the effect of relieving itching and analgesic, but it has no treatment effect on the athletes caused by fungi.And pregnant women should not use wind oil essence, it is recommended to treat under the guidance of a doctor.

Paasal garlic in the affected area

Garnus can indeed kill fungi, but when the affected area is ulcerated, it means that it has been infected by bacteria. Applying garlic can only cause the condition to worsen.Under the guidance of a doctor, pregnant women can wash their feet with an appropriate amount of potassium permanganate water to treat bacterial infections.

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