How to discover early lung cancer in time?These non -respiratory symptoms may be related to lung cancer

2023 Beijing International Cheung Surgery Forum was held in Beijing on July 8.Experts at home and abroad conduct in -depth discussions on thoracic surgery surgery and the latest diagnostic technologies of lung cancer.Experts suggest that you should pay attention to the CT examination of the lungs and early treatment.

Lung cancer is the first malignant tumor in my country’s incidence and mortality.Some patients with lung cancer go to the hospital for symptoms such as blood, chest pain and other symptoms in sputum. At this time, lung tumors may have violated the trachea, large blood vessels, and even thickening, losing the opportunity of surgery.Experts suggest that people over the age of 40 should conduct chest CT screening during annual medical examinations.

Zhang Yi, director of the Department of Chestning of Xuanwu Hospital of the Capital Medical University: Early lung cancer is often asymptomatic. The chest CT is used as a health checkup. For example, there are high -risk factors over 40 years of age. For examplePeople with special occupations are particularly important.

When the CT report on the chest prompts the "lung nodule" or "grinding glass shadow", it is necessary to find a professional doctor for detailed interpretation and provide suggestions for further examination or treatment.

Zhang Yi, Director of the Department of chest surgery of Xuanwu Hospital of the Capital Medical University: In the special micro -nodules in the lungs, most of them are benign. We only need to review the healthy body.Lung cancer, these patients have to go to a regular professional hospital for treatment. According to the size and form of the nodules, we decide how long we will conduct follow -up review.

Non -respiratory symptoms may be vigilant about lung cancer

Experts remind that the symptoms of lung cancer are not just cough and blood in sputum. In addition, there are some non -respiratory symptoms that may be related to lung cancer and need to be vigilant.

Zhang Yi, Director of the Department of chest surgery of Xuanwu Hospital of the Capital Medical University: The symptoms of lung cancer except for the symptoms of the respiratory tract, such as irritating cough, sputum, blood or chest pain in sputum, etc. Sometimes you may start to discover the symptoms of the respiratory tract, but becauseOthers, for example, the head and facial edema compress the upper cavity vein, and the weakness of the body’s weak limbs is not necessarily a nervous system disease, but a changes in the nervous system caused by lung cancer.

Chest pain is generally caused by heart or lung disease. When cancer cells violate the pleura, chest pain will occur, and pain will increase when breathing or coughing deeply.When lung cancer invades the ribs, ribs will occur, and the pain and discomfort of the limbs and spine will occur when the bone metastasis occurs in advanced lung cancer.

If the lung tumor is located on the lung tip or the upper part of the lungs, it will compress the laryngeal nerve after it grows to a certain size, and the symptoms of hoarseness occur.When the lymph nodes are metastasized by lung cancer, it can be found that armpit or collarbone lymph nodes are enlarged and painless swelling.

Source: CCTV News Client

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