How to deal with redness during pregnancy?Both pregnant women and family should understand, experts teach you to do so

In the cognition of most people, the expectant mothers who are pregnant, seeing red during pregnancy, are signs of abortion. This statement has a certain reason, but it is not comprehensive enough. There are many reasons for seeing red during pregnancy. Let ’s look at it time.

1. Placenta front

At the time of delivery and late pregnancy, there are no reasons for pregnant women, repeated painless vaginal bleeding, and uterus will not harden.This kind of bleeding may be slightly red or a large amount of bleeding, which is the risk of life for pregnant moms and fetuses.

2. Cervical secretions

When the pregnancy of pregnancy is contracted, the secretion is discharged from the cervix, and the secretion and mucus -like blood are mixed together to form vaginal bleeding.Signs of bleeding before childbirth also belong to this category.

3. Premature leaves from the placenta

When the placenta falls off and is separated from the endometrium, vaginal bleeding may be caused.When the placenta falls off, the fetal fetus cannot absorb oxygen and nutrients, and it is likely to cause fetal suffocation and death.

4. Pregnant mothers have incomplete cervical function

Pregnant women’s cervix function is incomplete, also known as sinus sinus in the cervix. In this case, the cervix cannot withstand the pressure of fetal growth and cause fetal abortion.Therefore, when the cervix expands, pregnant women often feel a small amount of bleeding and abdomen falling. However, because this symptom often occurs in the middle of pregnancy, and does not feel that the uterine contraction is strong, the pain is not obvious.

Gynecological experts said: When pregnant women find vaginal bleeding, do not panic, and quickly notify the family to send pregnant women to the hospital for examination. At the same time, pregnant women and family should pay attention to the following points:

1. Choose a loose and easy -to -change clothes for pregnant women.It is recommended to take a supine posture on the way to the clinic.The seat should be soft to avoid abdominal pressure and bumps.

2. Observe the mental state, skin tone, pulse and bleeding during the escort of pregnant women, and pay attention to the abdominal fetal movement;

3. Timely and exclusive physical condition of pregnant women to the doctor in a timely manner.For example, patients with pregnancy hypertension are prone to premature peeling, and the amount of bleeding cannot reflect the severity of the disease.Therefore, the prospective dad must tell the doctor as soon as possible, and the doctor chose the most suitable way to deal with the emergency situation.

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