How to deal with eczema during pregnancy?

After pregnancy, the basic body temperature of pregnant mothers will increase, coupled with increased progesterone and estrogen secretion, the immune system of pregnant mothers will change.The changes in the immune system make it more likely to have eczema for pregnant mothers.

Some pregnant mothers have hung the dermatology department, and they often worry after getting the ointment. Is this ointment hormone?Will it affect the baby baby?Therefore, this time the doctor’s assistant is to talk about how to properly handle the problem of whether the eczema and eczema during pregnancy can be used:

1. For the health of pregnant mothers and baby baby, it is recommended that pregnant mothers go to regular hospitals for treatment if they suffer from eczema.

2. Find the cause, separate allergies, avoid re -contact, fasting alcohol and allergic, spicy and irritating foods, avoid excessive fatigue and excessive stress, pay attention to skin hygieneItching medicine.

3. The treatment of medication is to clear heat and dampness, sparse wind, heat, and nourish blood and wind.

For eczema, it is necessary to decide whether to use hormone ointment based on the severe disease and the onset part.

For example, pregnant mothers use non -side effects such as glyphosate washing agent and zinc oxide, but there is no effect. In this case of severe eczema, pregnant mothers do not need to endure it.Pregnant women with more than 3 months of pregnancy have a very low probability of adverse reactions for external hormones, especially weak hormones.

Weak -effect hormone ointment mainly includes creamy creamy creamy cream, mamsonic acid cream;

The powerful hormone ointment mainly includes halogen rice pine cream and propionine chlorine. Here we must pay special attention to the compound preparation containing propyate chloropa hesso, such as compound ketoconazole milk cream.(Do not use this type of hormone ointment as much as possible!)

*For details, please do it under the guidance of the obstetrician.

Notice!The absorption rate has increased significantly.If the rash is accompanied by obvious ulceration and exudation, the skin barrier is damaged, which is equivalent to superposition and absorb more. It is best not to use hormone ointment in this case.

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Edit: Doctor Assistant Kobayashi

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