How to choose 108 new crowns for medication

Recently, the Beijing Health and Health Commission released the "Catalog of Medication (First Edition) of the New Crown Virus infection (first edition)". How to choose and use the new crown medicine?

Yang Yiheng, deputy director of the Beijing Pharmaceutical Quality Control and Improvement Center and Deputy Director of Pharmacy Section of the Third Hospital of Peking University, said:

1. After symptoms, choose drugs according to your physique and clinical manifestations

Western medicine catalogs We are provided to everyone with symptoms such as fever, nasal congestion, dry throat, cough, sputum and other symptoms. According to the efficacy of different drugs, there are slow -release capsules, slow -release tablets, and oral fluids., Can be applied.Chinese medicines must pay attention to the "syndrome differentiation", and provide a directory to everyone according to the treatment of wind cold, cold, cold, wind and cold cough, wind and cold cough.

For example, this season in Beijing, there are more colds and colds. The main characteristics of cold and cold colds are fear of cold, chills, and runny nose. Treatment is also mainly proclaimed with lungs and colds.As soon as it came up, it was hot, with high body temperature, red, swollen and painful throat, hot feeling, cough was yellow sputum, and stools were dry. This is the cold and cold.If you have a cold and a cold, you can take medicine to treat wind and heat, and you will feel that you are getting colder and colder, diarrhea and so on.In addition, we must combine their own physical considerations to choose the right medicine.

2. Choose for drug selection should not be more or more treating the same symptoms of drugs to choose one

Treatment of the same symptoms, just choose one of the drugs listed, do not superimposed the drug.The choice of Chinese and Western medicines according to everyone’s habits and preferences, as long as it is right.For patients with basic diseases, patients who have been taking chronic diseases, if you are worried about the interaction between drugs, you can consult the drug instructions, and it will tell you which drugs will interact withIf it is not mentioned, you can take it together.

3. Symptoms can be reduced or in the rehabilitation period.

If our symptoms have been alleviated or are already in the rehabilitation period, at this time, we can no longer take drugs, and we do not need to consolidate the efficacy.For example, some people have been coughing in the later period, which affects rest. It needs to take some cough medicines.One type of cough medicine is a centralized antitussive drug and the other is phlegm. If it belongs to a particularly sputum, it is necessary to cheat phlegm and then relieve cough.If you feel uncomfortable with soreness, cough, etc., you don’t have to take medicine anymore.(Beijing News Broadcast reporter/Wu Si)

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