How to buy insurance when you are pregnant, how to reimburse it reasonably?

It is expected that at the end of October, Shen Lanjun will become the father of two children, and my second child will meet the world.

Yesterday, my wife was looking for someone to install a small night lamp and encouraged the boss to go to sleep for the first time. After everything was stable, I found that the bedroom that had been crowded for more than 3 years seemed so deserted.

I have to comfort her crying. The growth process is the process of separation. In fact, it is not that the child cannot do without you, but you can’t do without the child …

Pregnant fertility, although hard but looking forward to it, Deep Lan Jun in the backstage received some mother’s consultation every day, asking what insurance can be bought during pregnancy.

In fact, I have evaluated many pregnancy insurance before, but many products have been offline.Today, Deep Lan Jun will sort out again. What insurance can you buy for pregnancy and which one is better for pregnancy?

The main contents are as follows:

1) What are the risks?

2) Insurance during pregnancy, can insurance be reported?

3) Which of the six pregnancy insurance evaluation is better?

The arrival of the new life is exciting. The baby’s first fetal movement and the first color Doppler ultrasound "photos" make people feel amazing.

Some mothers spend a lot of time learning childcare knowledge, carefully selecting diaper milk powder brands, and almost all energy on the baby, sometimes ignoring their health. They do not know much about the special stage of pregnancy.

In reality, many second -child mothers believe that the second child is definitely easier than the first child, and often underestimates the possibility of accidents.But maternity data tells us that the proportion of severe or death in the second child is higher than that of the first mother.

The process of pregnancy may not be shocked, or it may be thrilling. Let’s sort out this special stage. What are the risks that may be encountered?

1. Specific disease of pregnancy

Pregnancy and childbirth are a special physiological process. The fetus grew up day by day, and the mother’s body is also undergoing special changes, such as pregnancy drama, gestational diabetes, acute fatty liver during pregnancy, perinatal myocardial disease, and so on.

Under the regular testing period, doctors will be diagnosed in time, and hospitalization is needed if necessary.

2. Fatal risk of pregnancy

The first five causes of death in pregnant women are: obstetrics, obstetrics, hypertension (ecla Isigyal) during pregnancy, pregnancy, pregnancy, amniotic fluid embolism, and pneumonia, accounting for 68.7% of the cause of death.

An obstetric director of Jiangsu led the team to rescue a scar uterine maternal. When the uterus was opened, all medical staff took a breath because the fetus’s head had been exposed from the crack. The situation was very dangerous.There may be life dangers in minutes. After more than 6 hours of rescue, the mother and child finally pulled back from the ghost gate.

3. Newborn risk

Newborns can experience all kinds of tests. Due to the impact of environmental and genetic factors, newborns may have premature birth, low weight, birth injury, birth defects, and death.Although the country attaches great importance to the health of maternal and infants and vigorously promotes the production of pregnancy examinations, as much as possible from the early pregnancy, it is still impossible to guarantee 100% to avoid occurring.

1. Social insurance maternity insurance

For most ordinary pregnant women, social security reimbursement is the most contacted insurance in the process of pregnancy. Even if you do not have social security, you can also reimburse a certain proportion of the social security maternity insurance through the husband’s social security maternity insurance.

Previously, we compared the maternity insurance benefits of three major cities, including maternity leave, inspection reimbursement projects, reimbursement ratio and maternity allowance.

Although the differences in different cities are still quite large, everyone should have it as a national benefit. Friends who are interested can read "Three Cities Comparison and Dispost Maternity Insurance". Deep Lanjun’s evaluation is very detailed.

2. Commercial insurance

In addition to social security, many people also hope to transfer their own risks through commercial insurance. If you buy a lot of insurance before, you can pay for insurance during pregnancy?

In fact, these rules have a clear explanation in the contract. Shen Lanjun found some terms:

Regular life insurance: can be paid normally and has nothing to do with whether you are pregnant;

Critical illness insurance: depends on whether the disease requirements specified in the terms have nothing to do with whether you are pregnant;

Medical insurance: Most medical insurance does not guarantee maternity and medical expenses;

Accident insurance: It is basically exempted from the insured’s accidents caused by "pregnancy, miscarriage, and childbirth.

If you are pregnant and you want to buy a fixed life and critical illness insurance, you may be hindered:

For example, most of the fixed life products cannot be insured. If the pregnancy week is more than 28 weeks, the insurance insurance will be blocked. It can only be insured after childbirth. This is not a big problem.

If you are pregnant, you can buy some specific pregnancy production insurance, and Deep Lanjun has also made a lot of evaluation before.

In the past two days, I have conducted carpet search on the products on the market. For the risks that may occur in the process of pregnancy, I have selected 6 products for everyone. The specifics are as follows: Yongan Insurance Security Health Plan Sanxin Tai Life Insurance Comprehensive Health and Insurance EasyAnye Casino Pregnancy, worry -free health, health guarantee Andlian Xiaotu pregnant mother and baby health (maternal and infant version) upgrade plan, Zhong’an Cai Insurance Moman Insurance Ping An Xing Shouxing Star 2018

here is the image:

Speaking of conclusions directly:

If you are worried about the risk of death: You can choose [Yian Pregnancy and worry -free health guarantee], there are 200,000 persons guarantee. If you are born seven days, the newborn dies will also have 20,000 guarantees.

If you are worried about severe complications: you can choose [Xintai Pregnant Women’s Comprehensive Health Insurance], eclampsia, premature placental peeling, amniotic fluid embolism, diffuse intravascular coagulation, and erosion fetus, which can receive 100,000 yuan in payment. Newborn births are born.There are also 100,000 guarantees for defect diagnosis.

If you value the comprehensive guarantee: you can choose [Allianan Xiaoxing pregnant mother and baby health], there is a guarantee of 200,000, and 20,000 complications.

It can be seen from the above comparison table that the products of different companies are very different. Each product has its own focus. You can choose according to your own points. If the budget is sufficient, you can also buy two or three models.

Let’s take a look at these products:

1. Opalia Property & Casualty Insurance Xiaotu Pregnant Mother and Baby Health (Maternal and Baby Edition)

Allianz is the main insurance as the main insurance, so you can get compensation whether it is accidental or giving birth.

Newborn birth defects are better guaranteed, especially suitable for newborns’ malformations. For the elements of 11 high incidence, while obtaining a certain proportion of allowance, treatment can also be reimbursed for some medical expenses.

Pregnancy/Child Desment/Unexpected Destry/Disability: 200,000

Pregnancy disease allowance: 20,000

Persistent blood vessels, erosive hydatidal, early stripping of placenta, severe pregnancy hypertension syndrome (ecla Is epilepsy), amniotic fluid embolism, uterine resection, and obtained compensation.

Difficulty for pregnancy (cashier): 3000 yuan

Unexpected termination of pregnancy allowances: 1000 yuan

Congenital malformation allowance: 20,000, 11 cases are paid in proportion in proportion

Congenital deformity payment ratio:

100%: Fale Four Disinity, Complete Arterial Conversion, Neural Tube Deficiency, Donald Syndrome

80%: Congenital ventricular interval defects, congenital room septal defects

60%: spine cracks or skull cracks

40%: cleft lip and palate, congenital esophagus or esophageal fistula

20%: Defensive foot, congenital anal atresia

Newborn congenital deformity surgery: 80,000, reimbursement according to actual medical expenses

2. Comprehensive health insurance for pregnant women in Nobunza

The biggest highlight of Cindai is the high insurance payment, not reimbursement.There are 100,000 guarantees for pregnancy complications and neonatal defects.

Destiny of childbirth

Pregnancy complications: 100,000

Perfective blood vessels, erosive hydatidal, early stripping of placenta, severe pregnancy hypertension syndrome (eclampsia), amniotic fluid embolism, and confirmed compensation.

Newborn congenital disease: 100,000

Congenital anal rectal atresia, congenital esophageal atresia or esophageal fistula, congenital cerebral accumulated water, Fale’s four -link disease, complete large arterial transfers, congenital ventricular septal defects, congenital room septal defects, spinal spine or skulls or skullsCracks, cleft palate repair, cleft lip and palate repair, congenital blindness, congenital deafness.

3. Zhong’an Cai Insurance Mother’s Tire Insurance

Zhongan’s focus is on the cost of preservation of fetal tires. The insurance amount is 20,000. This is not available in other products. It is suitable for mothers who need this aspect.

Destiny, pregnancy diseases, and newborn birth defect protection are covered, but the insurance amount is not high.If the budget is sufficient, you can buy it with other models.

4. Ping An Life Shouxing Mother’s Version 2018

The main protection of Ping An is inpatient medical, 30,000 hospitalized medical care and 100,000 congenital disease protection. The premium is more than 1,000, which is suitable for mothers who particularly value hospitalization.

Hospitalized medical treatment: 30,000, mother and newborn shared 30,000 insurance amounts, shared 1,000 yuan in compensation, 26 specific pregnancy diseases, or general hospitalization within 15 days of newborns, can be reimbursed

Neonatal congenital disease: 100,000

Faul’s four -united disease, congenital ventricular septal defect, complete large arterial transformation, cleft lip and palate, congenital stusal water, spine cracks or cranberd, congenital anal atresia, congenital esophageal lock or esophageal fistula.

It is still the previous concept. For these products, Shen Lanjun believes that insurance is to solve the problem. You can combine your preferences and needs and choose from the above products.

Mother brings new life to the world. After the child is born, she needs to give great patience and tolerance.

There is an analogy that if the pain is divided into level 1 to 10, giving birth to children is the most painful level.But this pain can only be carried by mothers.

Just in the past few days, one of my friends has just lost my baby. As a male, I really don’t know how to comfort her.

If she happens to see this article, I hope you can continue to be stronger, and one difficulty will not knock people twice.The road of life is long, we look forward together.

Gorky said that without a mother, there will be no poets, no heroes.

The happiness of women can bring the happiness of the entire family. I hope that every mother is happy and happy 🙂

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