How to break the "uterine long polyps"?

The outpatient clinic often asked patients with restlessness, "Doctor, doctor, my uterus has long polyps, but what should I do? Is it cancer?" "Doctor, I have been here this month,Doctor Dr. said that there is a strong echo in my palace cavity, what is that? Will it affect my baby? "…

So, what are "uterine polyps" and "strong echo"?What kind of ghost is it?Will it affect pregnancy?Will it become cancer?Let’s talk about them one by one.

What is "uterine polyps"?

The so -called "polyps" meaning "extra" means "extra", which is the extra stuff formed by the local endometrium or cervical pipe mucosa.Some polyps are like cherries, and some are not sibed."Uterine polyps" is an inappropriate saying: because the uterus is like a vase that is inverted, and artificially divides the uterus into two parts: the uterine cavity and the cervix. According to the "root" of the polypIt is still the bottleneck, which is called the endometrium polyps and cervical polyps.

Why do you grow polyps?

Most polyps are benign inflammatory lesions, and of course a small part is vicious!The cervix of the human body is like the porch of the house, next to the vaginal yard. When it is stimulated by the vaginal bacteria and viruses for a long time, the cervical mucosa is a local excessive hyperplasia to form polyps.Most of the polyps on the cervix can be found when you open the vagina during gynecological examination.

In addition to the cause of inflammation, the endometrium polyps are related to long -term and excessive female hormones -estrogen stimulation, especially women with overweight or obese, are more likely to grow polyps!This is because the adipose tissue contains an enzyme that can help produce more estrogen. Summary estrogen can stimulate the excessive growth of the uterine endometrium and form polyps, just like excessive fertilization of plants, which causes the plant to grow crazy.

What is the echo of the uterine cavity?

Unless the endometrium polyps grow too large and get rid of the cervical mouth; it is generally invisible during gynecological examinations; most of them are found in the pelvic ultrasound examination that there are strong echoing light groups in the uterine cavity, and the endometrium part of the uterine endometrium increases.If thick and density increases, the possibility of the endometrium polyps of the alarm.This is why the gynecological doctor suggested that patients with conditional patients do vaginal ultrasound -so that the ultrasonic probe is closer to the uterine cavity and it is more clear!

What are the symptoms of polyps?

Although many people have polyps and have no symptoms, they only discovered during the physical examination; while some people show that menstruation becomes irregular, blood is always blood, increased menstrual flow, and two menstrual periods (ovulation ovulation (ovulation ovulation (ovulation (ovulation (ovulation (ovulationPeriod) bleeding, bleeding after the same room, vaginal discharge, and bleeding after menopause.

What should I do if I have polyps?

Some polyps are small and not caused by any symptoms, which can be observed!Some polyps grow to a certain degree and start to cause trouble, and they need to perform surgery to deal with it, such as: those who cause abnormal uterine bleeding, or increase the vaginal secretions;Baby.

Special emphasis: some polyps are risk of evil, and some polyps are bad things or cancer. This possibility increases with age, especially after menopause women.It is recommended to perform surgery!In the past, polyps were used to use blind scraping and blind methods for endometrial polyps. It is now recommended to remove hysteroscopy surgery, which is a minimally invasive surgical method.

Finally, I told everyone: Whether it is menstrual disordered or after menopause, there is a second "spring". It is still found that there are things in the uterus, or … don’t panic and fear, just remember to find the doctor in time!They will use professional knowledge to help you properly solve the problem!

(Wang Xiaoli, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Shougang Hospital of Peking University)

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