How to accurately judge pregnancy?

Many prospective couples, after pregnancy, hope that they can have a healthy baby, preparing for pregnancy for a long time, and find the chance of successful pregnancy from various channels, but they can’t conceive their children.This is precisely because we are scarcely knowledge about pregnancy.For example, five days ago, I always vomited, thinking that I was pregnant. In fact, when I went to the hospital, there was a problem with the stomach, so how should we accurately judge that we are pregnant.


Gynecological examination

The gynecological examination of pregnancy may be the first prenatal examination for some women.Some women who are just pregnant will feel very scared and difficult. This is a normal psychological feeling.If you want to overcome fear. The best way is to check the husband with his wife.From a psychological perspective, what women need most at this time are their husband’s encouragement and support.Each my husband’s man should help his wife overcome psychological pressure; encourage his wife not to be nervous and relax with the doctor.During the examination, doctors will find that the uterus of pregnant women starts to become larger.The accuracy of women in the two weeks after pregnancy is almost 100%.

Urinary pregnancy test

This test can diagnose early pregnancy and disease -related diseases, with a reliability of 95%.A "early pregnancy" test can determine whether to conceive 5 days after menstruation.35 days after the mother’s fertilization, about 35 days of menopause. The urine of expectant mothers began to contain the "chorionic gonadotropin., Gradually increased in the future.There is no such hormone existence. Therefore, the purpose of diagnosis of pregnancy is achieved. The urination of the test must be collected for the first time in the early morning, because the urine at this time is relatively strong: the amount of hormones contains more, and the test results are more accurate.The accuracy is not 100 % defined as a pregnancy in the uterus, because except for expectant mothers’ urine, it will contain human choric membrane gland hindering, other such as ectopic pregnancy, hydatidal, choric membrane sham, etc.At this time, normal reactions will also be generated. The examination of chorionic gonades in the urine can only be used as a reference for the doctor’s diagnosis.

B ultrasound

This is a simple and easy way.After 5 weeks of pregnancy, use a ultrasonic probe to check the abdomen, you can see whether there are no young placenta pocasters in the uterus from the screen.

After reading the article, we have mastered a lot of knowledge. We can judge that we are pregnant through this knowledge. In fact, the point is that menstruation delayed. If menstruation is delayed for more than ten days, it is not a problem with our body, that is to be pregnant. Please be at home.Be sure to prepare some early pregnancy and test your body at any time.

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