How old is the best childbirth age in women

“2.0”From a physiological perspective, women are at about 20 years of age. It is best to give birth to children at the age of 20: it is easy to get pregnant, high yield rate, fast postpartum recovery, and fewer birth defects.However, women in this age are often not mature enough, and may not have completed their studies and have no stable jobs.Therefore, the age of 25-28 is considered the best age of childbearing.

Because women in their twenties are generally normal, there are more healthy ovarian cells in the ovaries, and the chance of pregnancy is about 25 % of the monthly pregnancy. Therefore, normal people are considered infertility.The natural abortion rate after pregnancy in her twenties is low, about 5 %, and the incidence of Tang’s syndrome is about 1/200. Women over 35 years old have a monthly pregnancy rate of about 10 %.Women over 40 years old will decrease sharply, with a monthly pregnancy rate of only about 5 %.

At present, the incidence of prenatal sexual behavior is significantly increasing.The rhythm of life, the direct or indirect impact of lifestyle, have a negative impact on human endocrine systems and reproductive capabilities.The incidence of infertility is significantly increased is an indisputable fact.Therefore, it is recommended to consider fertility in the best age group.

With the increase in social pressure now, everyone has embarked on the road of late marriage and late childbirth, especially city people. Basically, they choose to get married at the age of thirty. They are almost 30 years old when they are pregnant.Many years, many people in the 7080s are planning to have a second child. At this time, it is already about forty. If you are confident, you will also find that there are more and more people in the elderly.

How old is the latest age of women?After this age, it is best not to regenerate. Do you have super?

Ms. Zhou is such an elderly mother. She is 39 years old this year. She is pregnant for one year. She is not smooth during pregnancy. The physical function has declined. There are various pregnancy diseases during pregnancy.Hypertension and gestational diabetes, etc., finally found 37 weeks, the baby suddenly gave birth, but fortunately it is worthy of no accident, but the baby is too young, you can only say that you live in the insulation box for more than a month before coming out before coming out before coming out before coming out.Hey, Ms. Zhou was older when confinement, recovered very slowly, and also dropped some minor problems. At this time, some people may say that there are no late births at the age of 39. Some people have reached more than 40Only born.

Indeed, there are more and more people who are married late and late. In foreign countries, the old Romanian woman was 66 years old and gave birth to a daughter, setting a world record for the oldest newborn mother. From the perspective of doctors, she was pregnant at the age of 55 or more.Women are already relatively rare, because most women basically enter the pace of menopausal at about 50 years old, and at this time, it can be regarded as the latest age of women.

Can you regenerate your child before the menopause?Let’s take a look at the fertility of this woman first.

From menstruation to 23 years old, it is the initial stage of fertility. Although he can get pregnant at this time, all aspects of your body are still developing. Generally speaking, it is not suitable for fertility.It is called a female best fertility age. This is the best time for the fetus and the mother when pregnancy. The functions of the body 30 to 35 are slowly declining. After the age of 35, basically basicallyIt belongs to the elderly mother. At this time, pregnancy may have a greater burden on the fetus and mother. After 35 years of age, the fertility ability has slowly decreased.Decreasing, hormones in the body will also change various changes, so after 40 years of age, female friends do not choose to have children as much as possible.

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