How much do you know about breast pain?

Some women always have symptoms of breast pain from time to time, but they are usually considered to be related to breast pain, so they do not care too much, thereby delaying treatment and aggravating the condition.In fact, breast pain is divided into normal and morbid state.If you want to keep your breasts healthy, you can tell which breast pain is disease.

Breast pain can be said to be something that a woman must experience throughout her life.Normal breast pain can only cause a little pain, not disease.However, if it is a pathological breast pain, it may delay the diagnosis and aggravate the condition.

Breast pain (no need to treat)

1. Adolescent breast pain

Breast pain in adolescence usually occurs in the age of 9-13, and breast pain will occur if the growth rate is too fast.But this phenomenon is not pathological, it disappears after the early menstrual tide.

2. Pain before menstruation

Statistics show that more than half of women will have breast pain before menstruation, and breast tenderness after menstruation will disappear.This is mainly due to the high level of estrogen in the early period of menstruation, which promotes breast hyperplasia and mammary tissue edema.If it is mild pain, there is no need to deal with it; if breast tenderness affects daily life, it hurts a little, you can take a little medicine to relieve, and pay attention to the light diet to avoid spicy food.

3. Breast pain during pregnancy

Breast pain during pregnancy usually occurs around 40 days of pregnancy, mainly because the placenta and fluff secrete a large amount of estrogen, progesterone and prolactin, which causes breast enlargement and breast tenderness. This is a physiological phenomenon.At this time, wearing loose clothes and underwear to maintain a comfortable mood to reduce pain.

4. Postpartum breast pain

Most maternal pain will cause breast pain within a week, mainly due to lymphatic retention, venous filling, pedogenic edema in the breast, and poor breast catheter.In this case, the pain can be relieved after the milk is smooth.You can also massage your breasts to prevent milk from stasis.

5. Breast pain after abortion

After abortion, due to the decrease in hormone levels in the body, the developing breasts suddenly stopped growing, causing breast pain.

6. Breast pain after sex life

When women’s sexual life is not satisfied, the breast congestion does not disappear in time, and pain will occur.

Pathological breast pain (medical treatment in time)

1. mastitis

Breast pain caused by mastitis is often accompanied by breasts, which will increase pain when touching.In addition, symptoms such as cold war and high fever may occur.If this symptoms occur, seek medical treatment immediately.

2. Breast cancer

Breast cancer is the most feared breast disease of all women, and usually occurs before menopause.Generally, breast cancer may occur in painless mass, but breast pain is not excluded, generally mild pain or dull pain, and irregular.Because the symptoms of breast cancer are often easy to be ignored, experts suggest that women over 40 years of age have breast examination every year in order to detect breast cancer early.

Breast disease has always been afraid of female friends.However, the disease will not come to the door for no reason.Generally, it has a lot to do with lifestyle habits.Therefore, you must correct bad habits, pay more attention to your breast health, and discover discomfort early.

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