How long is the two gap between twice?Answer 5 questions about the second child

Nowadays, in order to alleviate the aging of the population, a few years after the state supports the second child policy, the three -child policy has been fully released.For the post -80s and post -90s, it is still hovering in the second child, and there are also many questions and concerns. May wish to answer them one by one.

What are the doubts about the second child?

1. How old is suitable for the second child?

Whether women can have a second child need to be considered from two aspects.On the one hand, physical condition. If women have severe chronic diseases and poor physical conditions, they cannot have childbirth.On the one hand, age, women who are more than 35 years old are judged as an elderly mother, which can increase the abnormal probability of fetal chromosomes and induce hypertension or diabetes during pregnancy.You should go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination before preparing for pregnancy; you need to do amniocentesis after a few weeks of pregnancy to see if there is abnormal fetal chromosomal abnormalities; increase the frequency of birth testing during pregnancy.

2. How long is the last time the last?

If the first child takes vaginal delivery, after weaning the child, you can get pregnant as long as the menstruation recovers, but it is necessary to comprehensively family and work and other factors.If the first tire takes a caesarean section, the second child is at least two years apart for about two years to prevent the scar from being dangerous and even cause the uterus to rupture and threaten the safety of the mother’s life.

3. Do you have to have a cesarean section in the first child?

If the body recovers well after a caesarean section, and the second child pregnancy has no indication without a caesarean section, there may be a chance to give birth vagina.If the first child takes a cesarean section of the uterine body; or a caesarean section in the lower section of the uterine, then the second child must be given a caesarean section to avoid accidents.

4. One child has congenital diseases, can you have a second child?

Understanding what is abnormal in a child, the type of disease determines the risk of the second child.Mother and father and children should go to the hospital for relevant examinations, and the doctor judges whether to have a second child.

5. What is the difference between second child pregnancy and one child

After pregnancy, nutritional support should be strengthened, various nutritional balance intake, actively controlling weight growth, and avoiding the growth rate of the baby is too fast or too large.At the same time, the frequency of production inspection should be added, and the amniotic fluid puncture is strictly followed by the doctor’s order to see if the fetus has abnormal chromosomes.

Kind tips

When having a second child, you should pay attention to the checkup, especially the pregnant woman with a history of gestational diabetes. At 24 weeks of pregnancy, a blood glucose screening test should be performed.Elderly pregnant women are prone to hypertension during pregnancy, so they are diligent in monitoring blood pressure. Once headache, dizziness, edema legs, and elevated blood pressure occur immediately.

Regular B -ultrasound examinations during pregnancy can be determined that in addition to judging the growth and development of the baby’s baby, it can also determine whether it can be delivered through vaginal. At the same time, it can also rule out heart malformations and brain structure malformations.After 38 weeks of pregnancy, a fetal heart monitoring is performed once a week to determine whether the fetus is hypoxic.

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