How long is the ovulation after the leucorrhea is drawn?1

Lands are a physiological reaction unique to women. Sometimes many gynecological diseases can be seen through leucorrhea. If the leucorrhea is abnormal, you must pay attention.Whether the leucorrhea is normal also represents whether female friends are healthy. You can also see your ovulation time from leucorrhea. Do you know these female friends?

Usually about 24-48 hours after the leucorrhea is very obvious, ovulation will be ovulated, but not everyone ovulates in the same time period. The leucorrhea drawing is caused by the increase in the secretion of the cervical glandular secretion under the action of estrogen.Because there are many proteins in this leucorrhea, the drawing is drawn.

If we use objects to stretch with white belts, we can pull brushes to 2cm-3cm, and the longest can be pulled as long as 10cm. When the menstruation is over, as the follicles are mature, the hormone levels increase, and the cervical mucus secretion increases.The rustic is getting longer and longer.

When the follicle matures, when ovulation is about to ovulation, the pull speed can reach 8 to 10 cm. After ovulation, the estrogen falls, the progesterone levels rise, and the leucorrhea roses slowly disappear.

Therefore, when the leucorrhea roses reaches 8 to 10 cm, it is a sign of ovulation, indicating that the ovulation period will appear within 24 to 48 hours.

1. The body temperature rises, it is difficult to detect

If women’s ovulation function is normal, its basic body temperature will change to different changes with the secretion of progesterone before and after ovulation.Studies have shown that during ovulation, estrogen secrete a large amount, and the basic body temperature will rise by about 0.5 ° C. Some female friends will feel a low fever.Therefore, women can also infer their ovulation period based on the basic body temperature changes every morning.

2. Breast pain

Follicles are gradually developing, and the level of estrogen hormone in the body will also rise, stimulating breast catheter, promoting breast duct congestion, and some women can obviously feel breast pain.

3. Symptoms of ovulation pain

This is what everyone calls the "ovulation pain". Generally, there is slight pain in one side of the lower abdomen, and about one -third of women will have ovulation pain.This is because when ovulation, the brewing of the ovarian surface causes its rupture or surface blood vessel damage, and the pressure of the follicular liquid cavity increases, causing a slight pain in the abdomen.

4. Symptoms of bleeding

This is the ovulation bleeding during ovulation. This is because the estrogen in women’s body decreases sharply when the ovulation is mature.Estrogen cannot maintain normal endometrial growth, which occurs in the surface of the uterine endometrium, breakthrough bleeding occurs, the general amount is not large, and the duration is not long, which is normal.

The above content is a related introduction about ovulation. I hope to help everyone. If you have already calculated the ovulation period, you must observe your body at any time. Once you find that the above performances are found, it may be ovulation.Pregnancy as soon as possible.

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