How long is the cat after fetal movement?Detailed explanation of cat pregnancy period

How long is the cat after fetal movement?Detailed explanation of cat pregnancy period


Cats are small pets that many people like.When your cat is pregnant, you may want to know how long the cat will produce after the cat fetuses move.This is a very common problem, because cat’s pregnancy period is relatively short, and the production process of cats is not easy to predict.In this article, we will discuss in detail how long the cat’s pregnancy and fetal movement will be produced.

Overview of pregnancy

Cat’s pregnancy is usually 60-67 days, but sometimes about 57 or 70 days.Some factors, such as cats’ age, health status and weight, may affect the length of pregnancy.During the cat’s pregnancy, make sure they get good nutrition, maintain a quiet and comfortable environment, and provide appropriate care.If you want to know if your cat is pregnant, you can perform a cat pregnancy test, which can be completed within 2-3 weeks after the cat conceive.

How long does it take to produce after fetal movement

Cat’s fetal movement starts to become obvious in the middle of pregnancy, usually around the third week of pregnancy.Cat’s fetal movement is usually caused by the movement of the fetus, which will become more obvious in the late pregnancy.Generally speaking, when the cat’s fetal movement becomes more frequent and strong, it means that the cat has entered the early stage of childbirth.Cats will show uneasiness, anxiety, constantly squatting, and licking pussy in the early stage of childbirth.When the cat’s contraction begins, the fetus will begin to be born smoothly.

The process of cat delivery

Cat’s childbirth process is divided into three stages.In the first stage, cats usually show anxiety, anxiety, and may vomit and reduce food.At this stage, it usually lasts for 6-12 hours. When the cervix opens, the cat will begin to have strong contractions.The second stage is the stage of fetal birth. This stage usually lasts 6-12 hours, but may be shorter or longer.Cats usually show tension, anxiety, pain and other emotions at this stage.The third stage is the stage of the placenta discharge, which usually occurs within 15-30 minutes after each fetus is born.

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In summary, cats need to be carefully observed and managed during pregnancy and childbirth.It is very important to know how long it will be produced after a cat’s fetal movement, which can help you prepare for the cat’s childbirth better.At the same time, BARF feeding method is a way of feeding worth trying, which can help your cats better maintain health.I hope this article can provide you with useful information and help.

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