How long does it take to do a birth check for pregnancy?Must do these 5 inspection items!

I believe that mothers know that pregnancy is going to do a birth check, but most mothers do not know when they need to be checked. How long do you have to do a birth check?The following editors will take you to understand the things about the production inspection!

How long does it take to do a birth check for pregnancy?

Generally speaking, you need to have a prenatal examination once a month before 28 weeks of pregnancy, a prenatal examination every two weeks of 28-36 weeks, and a prenatal examination once a week after 36 weeks, but in different regions and hospitalsThere may be some differences in regulations.

How many prenatal examinations do I have to do during pregnancy?

Throughout pregnancy, you may need to perform pre -delivery examinations 10 to 15 times.Generally speaking, the number of birth checks depends on your health history, whether there is complications in the process of pregnancy, and whether there are more prenatal examinations such as hypertension.If you have had health problems, or new problems occur with the development of pregnancy, your prenatal examination may be more.In addition to the doctor’s appointment, if you have any discomfort, you must seek medical treatment in time.

Pregnant women must do 5 inspection items

First: Gynecological Sauder Examination

The gynecological peeping device is mainly a test of women’s vagina and cervix to see if the reproductive organs of pregnant women are uncomfortable. This is also a good job for delivery to avoid the passage of the passage and the life of pregnant women and children.This test is to make pregnant women and children safer during pregnancy.Don’t underestimate this test. Whether children and pregnant women can go out of the delivery room smoothly have also played a key role.

Second: The test of pregnant women leucorrhea

Pregnant women’s leucorrhea also belongs to the inspection items that must be done during the birth check.This test is mainly to check whether there are trichomoniasis and mold in the vagina.If the above microorganisms exist, it is easy to cause uplifting infections, affect embryo development, and induce abortion.

Third: cervical scraping

This test is mainly to investigate the shape of cervical epidermal cells to block the occurrence of cervical tumors.It’s just that the cervical scraping is a relatively common examination. If you want to further determine it, you must do it again. If the hospital’s medical care is limited, you can also do cervical biopsy for pathological slices.Pregnant women can check both to ensure the correctness.

Fourth: Gynecological Triple Diagnosis

This examination is mainly a small check on the body of the pregnant woman. See if the size of the uterus is abnormal, whether it should have the size in the month, and the embryo also needs to be checked. It depends on its development.

Fifth: Ultrasonic examination

After the female physiological period does not come to report, if it has been more than a month, you can go to the hospital for an ultrasonic examination to see if the fetus’s embryo has grown in the stomach. This is one of the examinations that pregnant women need to do during pregnancy.

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