How long does Corgi get pregnant?Everyone must know these precautions

I do n’t know if you have learned how long it takes for dog production and how long it takes to get pregnant. I have n’t learned about this problem before. Since my family raises dogs, I have started to learn all aspects of dogs.Among them, there are knowledge of dog production. Later, I really thanked the knowledge I learned at the time. I didn’t know anything when my dog produced.Because I have learned about this before, my dogs are particularly smooth when they produce. I also took care of it very well. My dog had a nest of dogs, and there was no infection.In general, it takes about two months to get pregnant for dogs, and you can give birth to your baby.

1. I will create a quiet space for my dog

Before I learned that the dogs like to be quiet when they are pregnant, because the people with many people are more noisy, which will affect the dog’s mood, and the dog will feel particularly irritable.When the dog is irritable, it will not only affect production, but also hurt the baby’s health.So since my dog is pregnant, I have prepared a small house for it, which is filled with its toys, so that it is ready to give birth.Later, after my careful care, my dog gave birth to a nest of dogs very smoothly, and you can also learn from it.

2. I usually take my dog out to take a walk

When my dog was pregnant, I took it to a walk in the park under the building almost every day.But many people do n’t do this. They feel that the dog is pregnant, and they have to rest quietly and do n’t go out to run.In fact, this idea is wrong, because when the dog is pregnant, it needs enough strength to produce, so we must take it to exercise more, which can enhance the physique and make the baby smoothly produce.If you always let your dog stay at home and prevent it from moving, slowly physical function will be aging.This is not only not conducive to baby production, but also increases the risk of dog infection.

3. I have prepared a lot of nutritious things for it

After my dog was pregnant, I began to formulate a recipe for it for it, allowing it to eat according to this recipe every day.This can increase nutrition to the greatest extent, which is very good for dogs.

Usually I will give my dogs this different frozen dried dog food. Since my dog has eaten this dog food, the hair has become very strong and particularly shiny. You can also try it.I believe it will be very helpful.

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