How long can the eggs survive in the body?If you want to get pregnant quickly, you can’t miss it in 3 time periods

We all know that eggs are an important condition for women to have a baby. It is actually like seeds. There is no seed to germinate the result. If there is no egg, women naturally cannot get pregnant.But now, more and more people have embarked on the road of infertility. This is a long journey, so only active treatment can go out of this road as soon as possible.So, how long can the eggs survive in the body? How can I get pregnant as soon as possible?

Women’s eggs are limited, and their life span is limited. The time for eggs to survive in the body is about 36 to 48 hours, which is 1-2 days.The survival time of sperm is from 48 to 72 hours, so if you want to improve the chance of conception, the best way is that sperm can enter the uterus in advance and wait for the eggs, so the chance of conception will be greater.The eggs excreted by the ovarian have been maintained for 12-24 hours, so if you want to increase the chance of pregnancy, you must grasp the golden time in time.

1. The best childbirth age

Age is related to the surrogacy rate and is also related to the quality of the fetus. If the best fertility age can be reached, not only the surrogacy rate is high, but the fetal quality is also high.Women’s best fertility age is 23 ~ 30 years old, and men’s best fertility age is 30 to 35 years.If you want to get pregnant soon and give birth to a healthy and smart baby, I hope you can control the age of childbirth at this age.

2. Best pregnancy season

The best time to give birth in a person’s life is mentioned above. Now let’s talk about the best time to conceive in the year, which is the best season of pregnancy.If you plan to get pregnant, it is best to arrange your pregnancy time in the late spring and early summer, or the late summer and early autumn, around April, 5th, September, and October.Because these two periods have a suitable climate, sufficient sunshine, and abundant products, not only will it help increase the surrogacy rate, but also help improve the quality of the fetus.Now is the best season of pregnancy, expectant parents want to seize this opportunity ~

3. The best time to conceive

Best conception time: After speaking, the best time to conceive and the best time for one year, let’s talk about the best time for a day, 5-7 pm during ovulation day.In other words, let you arrange the specific time of the same room on the ovulation day at 5-7 pm.Because the eggs are easier at this time, the fertilization rate of the eggs will be higher. At this time, the quality of the sperm will reach a peak, which will greatly improve the surrogacy rate and help improve the quality of the fetus.

The above is a few time periods about how to get pregnant quickly. I hope to help everyone. Pregnancy is not an easy task. Preparation of couples needs to start preparing for various preparations.Then take a doctor in time and find out the symptomatic treatment after finding the cause, so that you can get pregnant as soon as possible.

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