How long can I get pregnant?These 4 smells on your body will remind you, but don’t miss it anymore

Wen | Tao Ma

There is always such a pregnant woman in life, that is, when I do n’t know when I am pregnant, it has been a few months when I find it.What is even more exaggerated is that some pregnant women are about to give birth. When they go to the hospital, they think they are stomachache and do not know that they are pregnant.Many women in pregnancy are also very puzzled. When can they get pregnant?How can I know after pregnancy?In fact, during pregnancy, if women have these four strange flavors, this may be pregnant, and expectant mothers don’t care.

1. Sweat

After pregnancy, due to the changes in hormone levels, the metabolism of pregnant women has accelerated, so it is easy to sweat.Especially in the summer, casual movement may be sweaty.Then the sweat will not evaporate in time, and the sweat odor will appear on the pregnant woman.Especially the sweat of the armpit will be heavier, which is also an important signal.Therefore, if this happens during pregnancy, women must consider whether they are pregnant and can test it.Then pay attention to changing clothes diligently, take a bath, remember to replenish more water, not to affect the body’s metabolism.

2. bad breath

This is also a very obvious feature after pregnancy, but many pregnant women think that the bad breath is caused by the fire, so it is ignored.In fact, this is because the digestive ability of pregnant women has decreased, and the accumulation of food cannot be discharged in time in time, so bad breath and constipation will occur.Pregnant women try to eat a light diet, and they can also eat more fruits and vegetables to help digestion.

3. Snake of secretions

After pregnancy, the secretions of pregnant women will be more than before, and sometimes a strange smell is emitted.Pregnant women can smell down by themselves, and they are afraid to sit with others, and they can smell them when they are afraid of others.This is actually the result of the changes in hormone levels. Pregnant women should be treated.Usually pay attention to changing panties and keep the private parts clean. If there are still many secretions, you can go to the hospital to check to confirm whether you are pregnant.

4. fart

After pregnancy, the hormone in the pregnant woman has changed, the digestive function of pregnant women and the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal gastrointestinal will become slower, and excretion will also be affected.Many pregnant women will have flatulence and constipation in the early stages of pregnancy, and even some pregnant women will use normal pregnancy as a flatulence.After the intestinal flatulence, pregnant women will often fart, and sometimes they will be embarrassed.If you find that you have such a situation during pregnancy, you may be pregnant, don’t be stupid.

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