How large is the amount of girls for girls?I can eat three bowls of rice noodles sold outside, don’t understand people who eat a bowl


Breakfast is OK. The four big buns are not particularly large. The one for one dollar, plus three dollars of sauce cakes, sliced bread of a large bag of big bags like a big bag, can also be a box of yogurt and plus the whole box of yogurt plus plusOne bag of three biscuits.


Southerners, breakfast is a bowl of porridge (my bowl of bowls is a little larger than the small bowl of the restaurant), or only eat two boiled corn (already supported).Lunch is to eat bowl powder outside and half a bowl of rice for dinner.Eat half a catty to a pound of fruits (grapes, cherries, mango, etc.) snacks like at night) snacks, but in the past two years, they are still restrained and still a fat man.


For the first time, I went to my mother -in -law’s house. In order to show that I had a small amount of rice, I ate half a bowl of rice, a few pieces of meat, ate some food, said that I was full. I just put down the bowl. My husband said, is it uncomfortable by car?, Also have a large bowl of red roasted meat, I am embarrassed to eat today, I will give you a bowl.


Breakfast two big buns, a bowl of soup, and then some snacks, dinner is too much, a pot of rice, two dishes, a large glass of water, is the kind of two -person rice cooker, a full pot, no, no, noFat is sorry for my meal.


I can eat three to four packs at a time, and I have eaten three copies of the rice at a time. My husband said that he has a comrade -in -arms of 1.70 big.


I used to have a large amount of meals before. I remember the long body of my body. I won’t say it in the morning. When I go home at noon, my mother wants to make hemp food. I eat a large bowl and add a spicy peel.I ate a large bowl for an hour, and my stomach was hungry before school. The big bowl northwest people knew that in Xi’an in my family, a large bowl was probably equivalent to the southern soup pot!I ca n’t lose weight now, and I ca n’t eat delicious food. If I had a good food at that time, I was the one who had a real dinner.


Rice?Let’s put it this way, I am the last one of the chopsticks. My family can not eat it. Then I will pick me all the meat on the table.


When I was in elementary school, my mother wrapped the bun. I felt that the taste was pretty good. I ate seven or eight in one breath.When I was a kid, I could eat a large bowl of noodles, and the fish could eat a small one by themselves.


Let me tell you this, the salary I earn is basically eaten. In the morning, a bowl of beef noodles, one egg and one side dish, buy a large grilled sweet potato and a corn in front of the shop.An apple or milk tea.At noon, I basically eat at least two bowls of rice or two bowls of noodles. Anyway, I eat with friends or eat with my mother -in -law’s house.Basically, my husband bought five pounds of apple or ten pounds of watermelon. After dinner, watching TV, waiting for sleeping, you will basically eat it, including snacks, you can’t sleep after eating.The above is the amount of meals before losing weight. Now I lose weight. I do n’t eat it. For food, there is no fun in life at this stage.


When I was in junior high school in the fourteenth and fifteen, I ate a lot at that time. The Great Spring Roll in the school cafeteria was as long as the 500 milliliters of thermal insulation cups., A cup of porridge or soy milk, a glutinous rice roasted wheat and a grilled intestine. I didn’t feel too full after eating, but the boy next to the boy was sorry to eat too much of the eggs.Four lessons look at the table and wait for the class to go to the cafeteria.


Breakfast two meat buns, one egg, two bowls of porridge, add meals at ten o’clock, and one bread.At noon, two bowls of rice, several dishes, a bowl of soup, meal at four o’clock, a few snacks.Two bottles of beer in the evening, various spicy vegetables with beer into the belly.If you have n’t fell asleep at 10 o’clock in the evening, you can fall asleep after eating.And it is not fat, and is named the reputation of "thin pigs".


I am a girl. I ’m not fat. I eat pots at home. In the evening, there are two packs of instant noodles and half a pound of vegetable leaves. There are three eggs and ham sausages. Sometimes I add half a pound of mushrooms to cook together.When I lived in the house, my classmates who ate every day said that I was a giant!


When I was in junior high school and high school, I felt that the stomach was a bottomless hole. To be honest, I could eat it all the time. I could eat from breakfast to lunch to dinner.If you are delicious, I know that I am hungry. Pancakes can be eaten by several pickles.For the rice noodles sold outside, I think that the amount is too small. It is not enough for me to eat. I can eat at least three bowls of that bowl. I do n’t know what the stomach is full when eating a bowl.


When I was about five months pregnant, my husband took me to eat a sheep soup rice noodle, ate a small bowl, and went out for more than ten minutes.I am embarrassed to go to the same family. The next door to go is also a sheep soup rice noodle. The second bowl of the one is left with two soups.That bowl is the kind of soup bowl in the home, which is stunned by my husband.


This morning, I just told my daughter a joke on the daughter and said that a girl brought her boyfriend home. In order to look at the smallest bowl of rice when she was eating, is my mother said that taking such a small bowl of such a bowl is 20 times.

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