How far is the cervical cancer infected with HPV?After reading a article, don’t be too panic

In recent years, women’s health has been paying more and more attention.There are also a lot of information about human papilloma virus in the news.So many female friends are worried that once HPV is infected, cervical cancer will be.But in fact, many women’s understanding of HPV is still too one -sided. Let’s follow the editor to learn a lot of information.

What is the way to spread the HPV?

1. Sexual communication is the main way to spread HPV.Infectious and long course.

2. Close contact with the skin is the most effective way to spread HPV.

3. Indirect contact with HPV can be transmitted through the clothing, daily necessities and utensils of the infected person.

4. Medical -based infection some medical personnel have poor protection in treatment and care. They are used in contact or use of medical devices. They are used secondaryly without thoroughly cleaning and disinfection, causing their own infection or transmitting them through medical staff to patients.

5. Maternal and baby transmission is caused by close contact with the baby’s birth canal.

HPV is positive, not so scary

HPV positive is indeed related to cervical cancer. Therefore, although the domestic HPV vaccine has not yet been launched, many professionals suggest that qualified women can get the vaccine as soon as possible to reduce the risk of cervical cancer to a certain extent.In fact, most people have been infected with nipple viruses.According to statistics, about 80%of the American adults will be infected at least once in their lives, and there is no relevant data in China.However, even if no measures are taken, 90%-95%of human papilloma virus is generally removed by the human immune system within 1-2 years.In other words, in most cases, HPV positive does not cause cervical cancer.

What about high -risk HPV?

At this time, some people may ask a question: I have high -risk HPVs, high -risk types!This is dangerous.This is different from HPV.In fact, high -risk HPVs are still likely to be removed by the human immune system, don’t be too panic.We should cooperate with doctors for further examination and observation.There are more than 100 types of HPV, which usually does not cause any disease. If it is this disease, the most common is hand warts.

Can I still get pregnant infected with HPV?

You can get pregnant.HPV is a very common sexually transmitted virus.As mentioned earlier, 80%of people who have sex in the United States will be infected at least once in their lives, so many people cannot get pregnant?In fact, the mother’s HPV infection does not affect fetal development.Although newborn may be infected at birth, as adults infected with human papilloma virus, most babies will clear the virus by themselves.There is no scientific basis for HPV infection that can not lead to sexual life and natural delivery.

If HPV is positive, some bad doctors tell you that you can use some drugs to remove the virus, it must be a scam.Of course, if it is a disease caused by HPV virus, such as genital warts and hand warts, it can be treated. This is the so -called "cure and not poison."Be sure to go to a regular hospital to obey the doctor’s advice. You should make cervical scrapes for cervical scraping. You should do vaginal vaginal inspection. Remember to review regularly.

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