How did you solve during your pregnancy?See what netizens say, what the last one!

It is well known that expectant mothers are very hard in October, but during this period, it is also a very harsh test for dads!It is said that men are thinking about "lower body", but for a good man, these ten months have to control himself with the brain for his wife and children’s health, especially three months before and after.

But how do you control Dad when you are pregnant?See what everyone said!

@⒈ 谛 彁 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说 说!Suddenly, the baby was too stressful, and the time every day was full. After going home and falling home after work, he had no thoughts!

@Jeffrey.c: After pregnancy, going to the toilet is particularly frequent. Once I woke up in the middle of the night, I saw my husband sneak in the toilet to solve it, and wanted to laugh and feel distressed.Husband is not easy, give him 32 likes!

@就: I just don’t believe in the initiative!As soon as I confirmed my pregnancy, my husband took me as a treasure, what to give, except that.Every time I want it, whether it is hinted or clearly, my husband is pretending to be stupid. It is so interesting. Seeing his silly look, my heart is warm.

@|| ° Asleep ”: I really envy you, I am divorced, and now I bring children alone.It’s because her husband can’t control his lower body during pregnancy, looking for others outside …

@: After my wife is pregnant, I will turn into TFBOYS: A slow movement in my left hand and right hand … Once I returned to liberation, Quan Dang had not married yet!

@: Now that I think about it, I am afraid. The baby’s arrival is an accident. I do n’t know at the beginning. I have to do it several times a day after getting married. You know.Later, because my aunt didn’t come, I went to the hospital for almost three months!I was so scared that I dared not touch my wife anymore.I hope my wife and children are safe and healthy.

@: What is this? I have an old lover. In the past 20 years, I have rely on "it". The five girls are in hand to solve all problems.

@[( ̄ ▽])]: What do I come in for a single dog … Don’t be fooled, I will know the editor in the empty glove Huang Wen at a glance, wit as a wit, like me ~

Editor: ……

How do you solve it during pregnancy?Don’t be shy, leave a message below to tell us ~

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