How can Dr. Zhou 丨 How to alleviate all kinds of symptoms during pregnancy?

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Ms. Hao from Dinghai has lost her appetite without appetite after her pregnancy. She is uncomfortable to worry about the impact on fetal development

How to relieve physical discomfort during pregnancy?

Huang Manxian, chief physician of the Department of Women and Children’s Hospital of the City

Bringing life is a magical and arduous process. In addition to happiness and expectations, pregnant women often experience various physical discomfort such as nausea, vomiting, back pain, and edema of hands and feet.Huang Manxian, chief physician of the Municipal Women’s and Children’s Hospital of Women’s and Children’s Hospital, gives the island City pregnant women to support them. These relief methods help them to easily spend their pregnancy discomfort during pregnancy.

Eat less meals and eat more dry food to relieve pregnancy vomiting

Ms. Hao of Dinghai is currently 13 weeks of pregnancy. Since she is checked, she has never appeared in the meal, and she has lost several pounds.In the past, she liked to eat seafood the most. Now she smells the taste of seafood nausea and vomits. Once she steamed a fish at home, she was almost nauseous after smelling.She was very distressed during pregnancy, and she did not know what to do.

Huang Manxian introduced that early pregnancy nausea and vomiting are one of the most common symptoms, the reason is not very clear.Generally speaking, pregnancy vomiting starts from the 4th-9 weeks of pregnancy, worsening between 7-12 weeks, and generally weakens symptoms between 12-16 weeks.However, up to 15%of pregnant women have more than 16 weeks of pregnancy, and even experience the entire pregnancy.Usually, pregnancy vomiting does not affect the baby, but pregnancy drama spitting should attract attention.Pregnancy drama refers to severe nausea and vomiting, which decreases by more than 5%compared to before pregnancy, and cause dehydration, imbalance of electrolytes and malnutrition.Women with pregnancy drama need to be treated under the guidance of a doctor.

Early pregnancy vomiting can be improved by eating less meals and more dry food. At the same time, vitamin B6 can be appropriately supplemented daily to help relieve pregnancy spitting; if nausea appears in the morning, you can eat some cereals, such as toast, biscuits, biscuits, biscuitsEat some high -protein snacks before going to bed; avoid spicy, fried or greasy foods.In addition, due to the movement of the stomach in the pregnancy, the stomach content is flowing to the lower section of the esophagus, and the library sphincter in the lower esophagus is relaxed, which will cause the stomach burning of pregnant women. In this case, avoid bending and lying flat after meals. Appropriate activities can slow the symptoms., Or take aluminum hydroxide and other acidic suppression agents.

Good cause of constipation and hemorrhoids in the middle and late pregnancy

In the daily outpatient clinic, Huang Manxian took a diagnosis of many pregnant women who were tortured by constipation.She said that constipation is more common in the middle and late pregnancy, which is related to the physiological factors of pregnant women, changes in diet structure, and lack of exercise.Especially during pregnancy, intestinal peristalsis and intestinal tension weaken, extension of emptiness time, and water absorption by intestinal walls. In addition, the increased pregnancy uterus and fetal first exposure to the lower section of the intestine, often cause constipation.

Although constipation is small, it can be harmless but not small, such as affecting the emotions of pregnant women, or inducing more serious diseases, increasing the risk of abortion and premature birth.Huang Manxian suggested that pregnant women with normal defecation habits can prevent constipation during pregnancy, drink a glass of warm water daily, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits that are easy to digest, and exercise appropriately daily to develop on time to defecate on time.Good habits; use laxative drugs if necessary, the first choice of laxative "artifact" is lactose.In particular, it is necessary to disable Chinese medicine suppository and cream containing cream with custard oil, musk -containing musk.

The problem of hemorrhoids is also a problem that many pregnant women are difficult to open up, and they are more common or aggravated in the third trimester.Huang Manxian said: "The hemorrhoidal veins can appear for the first time during pregnancy. Pregnancy can recur and deteriorate existing hemorrhoids. This is because the increased pregnancy uterus or pregnancy constipation causes the hemorrhoidal vein to be blocked, causing the rectal vein pressure.In addition to eating more vegetables and fruits and eating less spicy foods, sitting bath and taking a laxative through warm water can relieve the pain and swelling caused by hemorrhoids. "

There are many ways to relieve back pain during pregnancy

Back pain is often accompanied by pregnant women throughout pregnancy. This is mostly because of the role of estrogen and progesterone. Generally, the pain is slightly mild.With the progress of the pregnancy month, the increasing uterine is compressed to the waist and back nerves, which is also the main cause of back pain in pregnant women.In addition, the uterus continues to increase, so that the body’s center of gravity gradually moves forward. Some pregnant women are leaning back in order to maintain the center of gravity when standing or walking, which increases the ligament and muscle load on the back of the waist.

Pregnant women who suffer from disc herniation or have been injured in the waist before are more likely to have back pain.

Huang Manxian said that the posture of pregnant women’s daily stations, sitting, lying, and walking should be correct to relieve back pain.When standing, droop your shoulders and lean back, stand up the chest and ribs, keep your back straight, tighten the abdominal muscles, shrink your hips, and separate your feet slightly when you stand.When sitting down, avoid humpback and waist, try to straighten your back, sit on the chair with your thighs, keep your knees at the same level as your hips, and do not stitch "Erlang’s legs".When lying, try to choose the left side position to avoid sleeping mattresses. Put the pillow between your legs to support the weight of the thighs. Put the pillow under the abdomen to support the uterus. Put the pillow on the back to support the back.When walking, relax the whole body, straighten the spine, lift up the heel, the footsteps should not be slightly brisk, and the shoulders are relaxed as possible to shake the arm as much as possible.

Pregnant women should avoid long -standing or sitting for a long time. When working for a long time, the abdomen can relieve the pressure on the abdominal muscles and back."Pregnant women can do some soothing exercises in combination with their own situation, such as yoga. The back pain on the back of the waist can also relieve back pain. You can also lie on the back of the chair or lie on the side.Muscle, especially the lower waist to relieve pain, "Huang Manxian introduced.Health Lecture Hall

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