How big is the method of abortion in the three periods?

In the era of materialism, corresponding to this is empty, men and women are pursuing various openness, but followed by the rapid development of abortion surgery, men and women enjoy joy, but women are suffering.

Adopted children are not just the continuation of future generations and life. In reality, it is a large investment. Parents are not stable in income. They are not responsible for children who have not been born.The ending.

The flow of abortion is divided into three periods. Within 49 days of pregnancy, you can choose to do drug flow. You can choose abortion within 40 to 60 days. It can only be induced for more than 70 days. In theory, the shorter of the abortion of the pregnancy time is less harmful to the body. HoweverIt is possible that more dangerous side effects will explain to you in turn to the harm of the flow of people in these three periods to women’s bodies.

The drug flow is through the drug, which can flow away the fetus without surgery. There is no pain in the whole process, but this is the prerequisite for the success of the drug flow.The success rate of about 80%of the drug flow is still taking medicine under the guidance of a professional physician. Failure is an inevitable probability event.After the loss of the medicine, not only has physical and psychological damage, but also needs to be cleared, otherwise it will not only hurt the body.

The abortion is extended into the uterus through surgical equipment to remove the fetus. If the disinfection measures of the hospital do not meet the standard, it means that the external bacterial virus may be sent directly into the body.Related examinations are required, which is not something that can be done by certain clinics.In addition, abortion surgery is also related to the surgeon, and accidentally scraping the uterus is long -term damage.

It is not recommended to do it for induction of labor. The induction of labor is not as good as the first two types. It also needs to be hospitalized for a few days to restore observations, which will greatly hurt women’s bodies.

Even if the abortion surgery is perfect, women’s psychology has a great burden: blame, impulse to suicide, mourning, regret, regret, loss of self -confidence, reducing self -esteem, hostility, anger, despair, helplessness, hatred, hatredPeople related to miscarriage, the relationship between the end of the partner, cannot forgive yourself, and often have terrible nightmares.After pregnancy, the changes in body hormones and emotional changes may change, which may be a punishment that destroys the continuation of life.

Studies have shown that women after the abortion have a high tendency to suicide, and women who have not afforded psychological burdens and men who have the burden on this kind of psychological burden must think that they are making decisions.

Sexual openness is not an open uterus. Personal behavior can not say anything as long as it does not destroy the public order and good customs, but it is also responsible for themselves. Often, the child is innocent, but there is no figure when deciding to be abortion.

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