Hot search!Women’s pregnancy test strips and antigens are positive at the same time!Can pregnant women take antipyretics?When can I prepare for pregnancy?Expert response …

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On the evening of December 22, the topic of”12 12 12 12 and antigen also appeared on the hot search at the same time. What is the situation?

According to the news of Qingdao Traffic Broadcasting Weibo, on December 21, Ms. Li in Qingdao, Shandong said that she felt unwell that day, and she speculated that she might be pregnant.The antigen was found to be yang.Ms. Li said that she also told herself after prescribing herself with antipyretics and other drugs. Because she was currently burning, the fetus is currently small and it is likely to be unable to keep it. Therefore, she is currently resting at home and strives to leave this child.Ms. Li reminded: Pregnant women must take the medicine according to the doctor’s advice.

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According to a report by Hainan Daily on December 22, what should I do if pregnant women infected the new coronal virus?Will it be transmitted to the fetus?Recently, Wang Ye, a obstetrician and gynecologist at Haikou People’s Hospital, said that pregnant women should not worry too much about the new coronal virus. Drug treatment should be used to choose a single medicine as much as possible.

Big data at home and abroad shows that the incidence, the symptoms of the onset of the new crown pneumonia, and the duration of the new crown pneumonia are close to the ordinary population. Do not worry too much after the pregnant woman is infected. It can be treated in three cases: if it is simply fever, you can use physical heating first.For example, wipe the bath in warm water; if the body temperature exceeds 38.5 ° C, or if there is any symptoms of discomfort, some antipyretic medicine can be used to treat, but the antipyretics should be used as a single medicine as much as possible, such as acetylphenol.For pregnant women, the use of ibuprofen is not advocated because ibuprofen may affect the closure of fetal arterial ducts in the later stages of pregnancy.

If pregnant women have symptoms such as chest tightness, headache, heart panic, or lower abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, vaginal fluid, abnormal fetal movement, and even the disappearance of fetal movement, you need to seek medical treatment in time.

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According to previous reports of the Daily Economic News, the reporter interviewed Huang Shenhui, the attending physician of the Department of Respiratory and Critical Medicine, Affiliated to Xiamen University.

Regarding the new crown of pregnant women, Huang Shenhui said that if pregnant women fever can actually use antipyretics.There are some type B drugs (the FDA classification of drugs using drugs, reporters’ note). It has not found serious damage or teratogenic drugs in clinical use for so many years. These drug pregnant women can be eaten.However, pregnant women must be more cautious, and try to avoid medication as much as possible. If high fever is high, acetaminophenol is preferred. After 3 months of pregnancy, ibuprofen can also be.If pregnant women have bacterial infections, penicillin and cephalosporin drugs can also be used. As long as there is no history of drug allergies, there is generally no problem.

Experts say that the mother has a good barrier such as the placenta, which generally does not cause vertical communication.At present, there is no new coronal virus spread.

Wang Yan suggested that maternal and babies are isolated in space. Newborn babies are best accompanied by specialized, but breastfeeding is still recommended, because colostrum contains a large amount of antibodies, and breastfeeding requires strictly regulating the N95 mask for mothers of maternal milk.disinfect.

Experts said that the new crown vaccine should be completed before preparing for pregnancy, and the new crown vaccine can be prepared after one month after the vaccination.

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