Hot pot in winter is essential, but can pregnant women participate?Collect this cheats, delicious and healthy sharing

As the weather is getting colder, whether it is Bai Fumei, Gao Fushuai, Turkic Fat and Bad.

Hot pot can become consumer targets that are prosperous and addicted to all strata people in the society.

Thousands of words of saying a word-I love hot pot.

But there is one type of people who obviously love to eat hot pot, but they are not willing to love, it is pregnant mothers.

Since they are pregnant, they have all kinds of attention and constraints in their diet. They are always worried that they have eaten foods such as too cold, stimulating, marinating, processing, etc., which will hurt the baby in the stomach.

Especially for hot pot, I want to enjoy deliciousness, but I am always afraid of the hot pot spicy stimulation, and I am worried that the oil is too high, which affects the health of myself and the fetus.

During pregnancy, can pregnant mothers really only "endure love" for hot pot?

Of course … don’t need!

During the whole period of pregnancy, pregnant women can eat some hot pot appropriately.

Especially when the weather is relatively cold, eating some hot pot appropriately can play the effect of resisting the cold invasion.

And when eating hot pot, you can properly match some meat, soy products, or vegetables. These foods can provide some nutrients for pregnant women. It has a good improvement in the decline in appetite for pregnant women.

What should pregnant women pay attention to hot pot?

However, although we can eat it, we can’t eat it randomly, so for pregnant mothers, while wanting to enjoy deliciousness, and do not want to aggravate the burden on the body, pay attention to these details before eating:

First, avoid choosing hot pot and seasoning that is too spicy and irritating

When eating hot pot, many people choose spicy or spicy flavors, or add too much seasoning.

This method of eating hot pot will make pregnant women very obviously getting angry, which can easily lead to severe constipation, oral ulcer, and sore throat, which is very unfavorable to the development of the fetus.

Coupled with the fragrant butter hot pot, the fat content is too high, and the same is true for those milky pot bottoms. Although the taste is strong, the fat content is not low.

It is recommended to choose the bottom of the soup pot, such as Chaoshan beef clear soup, old Beijing copper pot, which pay attention to fresh ingredients.

Second, you ca n’t eat hot tofu, do n’t burn food

When pregnant women eat hot pot, do not eat hot food. Over -hot foods will cause the pregnant woman’s mouth, esophageal, and stomach mucosa to be severely burned.

Therefore, when pregnant women eat hot pot, they must first remove the food and put them in a bowl properly, and then eat them.

Third, the soup base is best not to drink well

Many pregnant women especially like to drink a strong soup base when they eat hot pot. This is not possible.

There are a lot of purine substances in the soup base. After consumption of pregnant women, uric acid in the body is too high.The oil ingredients in these soup bases are very high, and it is easy to make pregnant women with hyperlipidemia and other phenomena.

Fourth, the nutritional balance of ingredients

When eating hot pot, you must pay attention to nutritional matching. Do not eat too much meat. Try to match some vegetables as much as possible to prevent the phenomenon of fire.

For example, you can first have a staple food with a strong sense of fullness, such as potatoes, yam, corn, and then some vegetable platter, such as spinach, artemisia, oil wheat, broccoli, lettuce, etc.And other soy products.

(Small reminder: fried bean products such as bean foam, oil bean skin, fried bamboo, and other fried bean products.

As for meat, it is recommended to eat high -protein and low -fat meats, such as fish, seafood, beef belly, or lean beef/lamb slices. For some fatty cows and sheep, it can be eaten in moderation.

Eating hot pot, it is best not to drink for pregnant mothers

How can you drink hot pot?

In fact, the hottest drinks with the highest single -rate of hot pot restaurants are beer and carbonated beverages, but these two beverages are not healthy.Especially for alcohol, pregnant mothers need to stay away, so as not to affect the health of the fetus.

Of course, for carbonated drinks, pregnant mothers can drink some sugar -free cola appropriately.

But for your stomach, don’t drink too ice drinks!

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