His wife produced a child early in June, and found that she was the same as her ex -boyfriend, her husband stole parent -child identification

Li Ming and Wang Li are college classmates. After graduating, they are married and have always been loving.After Wang Li was pregnant, Li Ming took care of and made her delicious every day. She accompanied her to the hospital for examination and bought her a lot of pregnant women’s products.Wang Li was moved and felt that she was married to the right.

However, the good times did not last long. When Wang Li was six months pregnant, she suddenly had pain and was rushed to the hospital.After rescue, Wang Li gave birth to a boy. Although she was premature, she was healthy.Li Ming looked at his son, full of joy and concern.He hugged his son, walked to Wang Li’s bed, and wanted her to see their baby.

However, when Wang Li saw her son’s face, her expression became stiff and frightened.She pushed Li Ming’s hand, turned her head, and didn’t dare to look at her son anymore.Li Ming was very strange. He looked at his son’s face carefully, and suddenly found an amazing fact: his son’s eyes, nose, and mouth were exactly the same as Wang Li’s ex -boyfriend Zhang Qiang!

Li Ming sank, he remembered the past of Wang Li and Zhang Qiang.They were high school classmates. They talked about their love for three years. Later, because Zhang Qiang was admitted to a foreign university, the two broke up.Wang Li once told Li Ming that she and Zhang Qiang had never contacted it again, and never looked goodbye.Li Ming believed Wang Li’s words and felt that she was a loyal and kind woman.

But now, Li Ming has to doubt whether Wang Li lied to him.He wanted to know the truth, so he secretly took his son’s blood samples to make parent -child identification.As a result, he confirmed his guess: he was not his son’s biological father!

Li Ming was so angry that he decided to divorce Wang Li and asked her to give her son to Zhang Qiang.He found Zhang Qiang’s contact information and called him.Zhang Qiang was shocked after hearing Li Ming’s words.He said that he had never seen her and Wang Li, and did not know that she was pregnant and had children.He said he was married and had a daughter.He said he didn’t want this son or had any relationship with Wang Li.

Li Ming couldn’t accept such a result, and he felt that he was deceived and betrayed by Wang Li and Zhang Qiang.He went to the hospital to find Wang Li and asked her why she should treat him like this.Wang Li cried and said, she didn’t know how to do this.She said that she and Zhang Qiang had not had a relationship with him anymore.She said she only loves Li Ming and she also loves her son.She said she didn’t want to divorce or lose her son.She said she was willing to raise her son with Li Ming, and he was his child.

Li Ming didn’t believe Wang Li’s words, and he felt that she was lying.He said he could not forgive her or accept the son.He said he was going to divorce her and asked her to give her son to Zhang Qiang.Wang Li desperately retained Li Ming, but Li Ming had made up his mind.He picked up his son, walked out of the hospital, put his son at the door of Zhang Qiang’s house, and then left.

Wang Li lost her husband and son, and she was in despair and self -blame.She didn’t know what she should do, she could only cry and pray every day.She hopes that Li Ming can change his mind, and she hopes her son to be safe and happy.

Zhang Qiang’s wife found the son at the door, and she was surprised.She asked Zhang Qiang what was going on, and Zhang Qiang had to tell her the matter.His wife was very angry, and she felt that Zhang Qiang had deceived her and betrayed her.She said she didn’t want this son or had any relationship with Zhang Qiang.She said she would divorce Zhang Qiang and ask him to take away her daughter.

Zhang Qiang could not save his wife’s heart, and he could only move his daughter and son out of the house.He felt that he was innocent, and he didn’t know why such a thing happened.He felt that he was killed by Wang Li and Li Ming.He didn’t know what he should do, he could only work and take care of his children every day.

In this way, a happy and happy family collapsed because of a premature child.But the child didn’t know his life and fate. He only knew that he had a father and a sister, and they all loved him.

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