Hebei: Women spend 3800 to buy cosmetics when they are pregnant. The husband collapses and divorces: Are you stupid?

Why is the current love young people unwilling to get married?

At present, more and more young people choose a person, not getting married, which is generally existed.Among them, economic pressure is an important reason, both housing prices, prices, or living costs have continued to rise.At the same time, the values of young people are constantly changing.They pay more attention to self -realization and pursuing personal value, not the traditional family concept, and it is impossible to marry for marriage.

The real story in this issue occurred in a young couple in Hebei.

In Hebei, a man and wife made a noise in front of the hospital because they learned the news of his wife’s pregnancy.Calculated that the wife spent 5,000 yuan a month after the current wife, and the pregnancy is also calculated, and the wife has no job and economic source, which has collapsed by the man.

"What kind of marriage, get married! Isn’t a person freely? Are you stupid?" I don’t know if the man was scolding his wife or scolding himself. In the end, the man crouched and squatted down.Beginning collapse.

The incident happened in Hebei. The man and the woman were just married and found that the wife’s uncomfortable consequences were broken to the hospital. After inspection, they found that the wife was pregnant.

This is a good thing for the newly married husband.But remembering that his wife was just married and had not found a suitable job. The monthly income came from the salary of 5,000 husbands, and the man began to be sad, let alone what he would live after marriage.

What made the man most collapsed was that the woman had just bought 3,800 yuan to buy a set of cosmetics, and felt that she had no money to call her husband for help.This surprised the man who was not dignified, indicating that his pressure was great. The monthly mortgage car loan had crushed it, and the monthly 5000 for his wife had reached his limits.

For a man, there was no goodness for men, and he never thought that things that others would discover after seven years of itching would come so fast.The more I thought about the man, the more angry, and unknowingly thought of divorce.But when I thought that I was just married, in the honeymoon period in the eyes of others, my divorce was sorry for her parents.

Want to endure, but there is no capital.It seemed that at this time, the venting could only be given to his wife. He grabbed his wife and kept shaking, but did not want to lose his child because of his unscrupulousness.The pressure poured out of my heart, and she couldn’t help it anymore, and was forced to squat and cried on the ground.

Why get married?Is it bad for a person to be free?At this time, the man regretted getting married, and the woman who was the first to be a wife also regretted. Why is they getting married?Is the single life not good?Where did the original intention of being determined to get married at that time?

First of all, single life is not necessarily bad.In fact, single people can have more freedom and independence, and can freely arrange their time and lifestyle.They don’t have to sacrifice to cater to the expectations of others, and they can focus more on their careers and hobbies.

Why do people now have to get married?

Marriage is not a task that everyone must complete. Everyone has their own lifestyle and values. They should make choices according to their own situation.In fact, marriage needs to bear more responsibilities and pressures, including economic burden, family responsibility, and so on.If a person cannot bear these responsibilities and pressures, marriage may bring more difficulties and troubles to themselves and families.


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