Having a son in a job outside the guy?The daughter -in -law admits: I played well with my colleagues, I became pregnant

First of all, the author asked everyone a question here. If one day, when you check your identity information, you suddenly find that there is an inexplicable son. What would you think?

If you think this is impossible, it is too simple. Some netizens broke the news some time ago. It is understood that the guy Chen was introduced with his wife Peng Mou a few years ago.Soon, in order to maintain the livelihood of the family, Peng had to go out to work in Guangdong, and often returned to the house once a year. When Chen checked his identity information once, he suddenly found that there was a son under his name, and he looked at it.The date of birth is only a few months old, which makes him feel very puzzled, and quickly go home to find his wife to ask about the situation.

After Chen returned home, he realized that his wife was holding a child in his arms, and Peng’s body had changed a lot. It was like not long after production. In the face of her husband’s doubts, Peng Mou also pushed away, and deliberately said that he said that he said intentionally and said intentionally.This child is not himself. After a friend, after pregnancy, he secretly borrowed his ID card and put his child’s name to himself. Of course, the guy did not believe the sophistry of his wife. Finally, he ran to the woman’s family to ask

When he heard his husband asking his parents to ask, Peng was anxious, and then pleaded with the husband to admit that the child was born of a colleague of himself and a company, and hoped that he could open the Internet and forgive himself.During the explanation, I did not realize the mistake at all, but felt that it was not a big deal for having a child. As for the reason for the two people, Peng explained that: I was playing well at work, and I was pregnant unexpectedly.

What made Chen most angry is that since the woman had an affair, her wife not only did not apologize to him, but she complained that her husband said that before the husband returned, his relationship with his child’s biological father was good.Also said that she would not be irresponsible to her. As a result, the matter was open, and the other party knew that she had not divorced, and she said that she would not accept herself on the spot. She made her home now.

According to the understanding, what has a ambiguous relationship with Peng is a colleague of the same family unit. Since her husband leaves the house, Peng has moved back to his hometown and his parents.In the mood very depressed, after the concern of the opposite sex, the relationship between the two gradually heated up, and the relationship became better and better. In the end, after pregnancy, Peng also had the idea of performing surgery, but the doctor was informed that the surgery was harmful to the harm of the surgery.Later, she decided to give birth to a child for herself

After this incident was exposed through the Internet, netizens also mocked the girl’s approach. Since they have been married, how can they make such an act of destroying the three views? Some netizens left a message saying:I still stayed ambiguous with my colleagues when I got married. I still feel that it is not a big deal after giving birth to a child, and it is obviously my fault. It is a variety of grievances to the husband.

Regarding this matter, the author personally, the victim Xiao Chen still divorced as soon as possible. As for how the woman should live in the future and whether she can find her own happiness, then she will go.She should bear

I wonder what do you think of this?

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