Happy pregnant mother!The model Liang Nuoyan was favored by the seven months of pregnancy and was carefully taken care of by her husband Hong Yongcheng

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In July of this year, TVB artist Hong Yongcheng and model Liang Nuoyan held a wedding. At the same time, Hong Yongcheng also announced the good news of Liang Nuoyan’s four months of pregnancy at the wedding and implemented the double joy.

Unconsciously, Liang Nuoyan has been pregnant for seven months. Now she can see obvious pregnant belly. Recently, I was interviewed by Liang Nuoyan to share some interesting things with you during pregnancy.

Before Liang Nuoyan was pregnant, she was a person who liked sports very much. From her social platform, she could see that she often insisted on running and climbing.

Therefore, in the early stages of pregnancy, Liang Nuoyan’s pregnant belly was actually not obvious. At the same time, she insisted on going out. Remember that in the early days, Liang Nuoyan also went to the sea with Yu Xiaotong to shoot the Hong Kong TV show "Bi Bo You Lang Ji".

At that time, Liang Nuoyan was pregnant for more than two months, but the shooting time of the show at that time was one month. She went to the sea with the show group every day and traveled to various waters in Hong Kong.

Although Liang Nuoyan was pregnant at the time, she felt that she did not affect her work at all. At the same time, she had no discomfort throughout the process. I had to say that Liang Nuoyan was quite dedicated.

In this regard, Liang Nuoyan revealed that during the filming process, she also took time to rest. She said: Fortunately, there is no seasickness, but she wants to sleep a little halfway, so she looks at her eyes when she is not in place.too much.

When I see this, I believe that some people should think that Liang Nuoyan is still a relatively big person, because in some people, they should be very cautious and careful when they are pregnant.

However, compared to Liang Nuoyan, Hong Yongcheng can be said to be quite nervous, because both are novice parents, and they are completely unswerving in this regard.

And his wife Liang Nuoyan was pregnant, Hong Yongcheng took care of her, and everything was considered, especially every time Liang Nuoyan went out to work, Hong Yongcheng was very nervous.

Liang Nuoyan said: Every time I go out to shoot things, Hong Yongcheng will say that they have fun, but in fact he is so nervous. For example, I have a lot of things, but it rains, he will say, "How do you go out?Be careful to fall, do you need to call you a car. "

However, it turns out that Hong Yongcheng is too nervous, because Liang Nuoyan said that she would not be too hard this time this time. She just had a pregnancy reaction in the early days of pregnancy, and did not feel any time.

Therefore, during this period of pregnancy, Liang Nuoyan did a lot of things independently, but Hong Yongcheng was more obvious. He became more and more embarrassed, and he told Liang Nuo Yan to be careful every day.

Now that the pregnant belly is also obvious, Liang Nuoyan also revealed that her due date is on December 25, and she will choose to give birth.

As for whether her husband Hong Yongcheng will follow the umbilical cord to cut the umbilical cord, Liang Nuoyan said that Hong Yongcheng should follow. At the same time, if the other party wants to cut the umbilical cord by himself, he will not mind.

Although there is still some time to say that Liang Nuo Yan’s due date is now, I believe that everyone is still looking forward to seeing the love of Liang Nuoyan and Hong Yongcheng as soon as possible.

Here I also wish Liang Nuoyan all the best when producing, the baby is also healthy and healthy!

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