Gynecological inflammation caused infertility?

Summer is the high incidence of gynecological inflammation, especially vaginitis and cervicitis!

The weather in this season is sunny and rainy, the temperature is high, and the bacteria breeding speed is fast.The female physiological structure is special, and the cervix is a channel for external and uterine to connect.When women drink less water, sweat more, and poor sanitary conditions, they are easily attacked by germs, causing gynecological inflammation such as vaginitis and cervicitis.

Common clinical manifestations of gynecological inflammation

1. Abnormal vaginal secretion

The amount of leucorrhea may increase, with mucus, yellow -green foam, cubs, bloody or purulent, and may have odor.The pathogen that can be found in leucorrhea can be found.

2. Vaginal itching or burning sensation

3. Menstruation abnormalities

4. Belly fall, sore lumbosacral region

Instead of sexual intercourse, tiredness or menstrual period.

However, many women do not know that gynecological inflammation not only pose a threat to women’s bodies, but also severe or chronic gynecological inflammation may even cause fallopian tube blockage or unscrupulous, which causes infertility.

At present, gynecological inflammation has become one of the important factors that lead to infertility in women.According to information, inflammatory factors accounted for more than 40%of patients who have never conceived infertility 2 years after marriage, and a higher percentage among patients with secondary infertility in the history of abortion.

Inflammation infertility is mainly caused by vaginitis, cervicitis, fallopianitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, endometritis, and appendicitis.It can be said that in the female reproductive system, from the vagina, cervix, uterine cavity, fallopian tube, fallopian tube umbrella until any of the "breeding" channels of the ovary, may cause infertility.

The scientific research group composed of a number of three -level hospitals and doctoral tutors, etc., has been for many years of clinical collaboration and scientific research, and finally formed a diagnosis and treatment plan for traditional Chinese medicine treatment of gynecological inflammation: "Internal and external governance combination • inflammatory poisoning three elimination methods".

This therapy starts with antibacterial and anti -inflammatory, enhances ovarian function, and improves the three of them. Internal and external treatment, both internal and external and specimens are treated, which greatly improves the clinical efficacy and effectively solves the problem of recurrence of gynecological inflammation -patients under the inflammationWhen the symptoms are comprehensively improved, the inflammatory tissue absorbs and fades, the menstruation is returned to normal, the leucorrhea is clear, the pelvic blood flow is smooth, and the signs are significantly improved. The clinical efficiency is 98%, the significant efficiency is 82%.%above.

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