Guyi Tang Gu Fang Yiyuan: 3 kinds of contraceptives, what kind of side effects?

Although many people have taken contraceptives, they always label it with labels such as "large side effects, high hormones, and harmful to the body". Even many people think that taking contraceptives is equivalent to eating hormones. In fact, how the contraceptive pills are likeWhat about it?

Eat contraceptives ≠ ≠ eat hormones

In fact, different types of contraceptives are also different from the hormone components.There are many types of hormones, and the human organs will secrete some specific hormones. These different types of hormones sharing the various work functions of the human body.

The short -acting contraceptive contains low -dose progesterone and estrogen, which play its due role in the body.Generally speaking, contraceptives contain estrogen and progesterone, but according to different types, there are certain differences in the content.

For example, emergency contraceptives contain more estrogen and progesterone. In contrast, short -acting contraceptives and long -acting contraceptives contain less hormone dosage, because different types of drugs have different characteristics.

For different contraceptives, which one is the least harmful?

1. Emergency contraceptive pill

These drugs are all types of Zuo Nuo progesterone. The principle of its role is to quickly suppress ovulation by supplementing large doses of progesterone, so that cervical mucus becomes thick and stops the sperm;The role of pregnancy.

Generally speaking, women with appropriate age can be taken. The main side effects are retreat bleeding, nausea, vomiting, headache, and irregular menstruation, but the symptoms will disappear after stopping the drug.

2. Short -acting contraceptive pill

The side effects caused by contraceptives are actually related to the content of hormones. Large -dose hormones can easily cause female endocrine disorders, change the menstrual cycle, and have great damage to the body for a long time.

However, the hormone content in short -acting contraceptives is very low, so this problem is effectively avoided.Therefore, short -acting contraceptives are relatively safe and effective contraceptive methods,

About 100 million people around the world use short -acting contraceptives, and the penetration rate of developed countries in Europe and the United States is high. Nearly 50%of women are used, and the use rate of oral contraceptives in China is very low, even less than 2%.

3. Long -term contraceptive pill

Long -acting contraceptives usually need to be taken once a month to maintain a longer period of time and not getting pregnant, so it is more convenient than taking medicines per day compared to short -acting contraceptives.However, due to the large dose of estrogen and progesterone, it also causes its side effects to obvious, which is a clear disadvantage.

Therefore, in terms of comprehensive, if the husband and wife need it, short -acting contraceptives are the fastest and convenient practices. The side effects are small, and they have certain benefits to the body.

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