Guo Biting successfully conceived on the mouse?The holiday is full of pregnancy, and the stomach is so large that you can’t stop it with your hands

Guo Biting has been guessing pregnancy since he was married to Xiang Zuo, but he has been denyed by Xiang Zuo and Xiang Tai since he was divergent.Recently, some netizens shared a photo of Guo Biting with Xiang Zuo.The two of them appeared in the photo, wearing black T trousers, wearing a peaked cap, looking very handsome.However, we all focused on Guo Biting. Guo Biting, who appeared in the photo this time, was still as beautiful as the goddess Fan. She was wearing a green suspender skirt, and the sun hat on her head was very eye -catching.But looking closely, her arm was much thicker than before, and her face was a lot round, especially the lower abdomen.From the expression to the shape, it exudes a full pregnancy.

In taking photos with his friends, Guo Biting also wore loose clothes and intends to block his belly with his hand.In this way, signs of pregnancy are even more obvious.

In the end, whether there is good news, just wait to declare to Zuo Guo Biting himself.Although the highlights of this photo are full, it is not to be ignored by Guo Biting’s private dress.It can be seen that Guo Biting, who went out for vacation, was in a good state, and even with clothes was full.From the previous "relying on the face value" to the current "private service queen", Guo Biting’s dressing has made great progress.

A tall figure like Guo Biting, coupled with elegant temperament, in fact, many clothes are well controlled for her.The loose hooded sweater style is versatile, and the refreshing tone and black letters such as white are generous and eye -catching.The sweater version of Guo Biting was slightly longer, but she did not choose to match the pants, but chose a pink pleated skirt.In this way, the casual style is a bit more ladylike, and her temperament is very good.In addition, Guo Biting also wore a black lace fisherman hat most embellished. The deep and superior facial features still couldn’t hide it.~ Guo Biting successfully conceived to the mouse?The holiday is full of pregnancy, and the stomach is so large that you can’t stop it with your hands


Guo Biting, who tied the tall ponytail, looked a lot more energetic, and such hairstyle was also an age reduction artifact.Guo Biting, wearing a white dress, stood on the side of the railing, and the side was still unable to stop her thin figure.Her white skirt is full of design, and the red pattern patterns are intertwined, and the famous ethnic style tastes.The long sleeves on both sides close the wrist, and they are thin and covering the worship of the arms.On the waist of the skirt, the waist was also designed with a white coat. Inadvertently, Guo Biting’s small waist was perfectly outline.This dress is simply the first choice for vacation girls. After wearing it, it shows that she will not be mediocre.

In this set, Guo Biting who attended the event chose a white suit.It is said that women in a suit are capable. Not only that, Guo Biting also has a soft beauty.The white suit version of the upper body is very neat, with a very atmosphere of women in the workplace. The dark brown pattern button is inlaid, which looks a lot of exquisite.On the bottom, Guo Biting used suits shorts and high -heeled shoes upper body. In this way, the long legs have nothing to do.With Barbie Pink shoulder bag, Guo Biting in front of him was just right in the capable and sweet balance.~ Guo Biting took a group photo to cover his belly, but his arm was thicker than Xiangzuo.


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